Doomfist will get nerfed.. - about time


D.Va and Tracer did, though. Just FYI. :x


What nerf did Tracer receive? And hasn’t been nerfed in a long time?


Pulse bomb was reduced from 400 damage to 300 damage, and D.Va had her micro-missiles’ damage toned down (I believe the explosions do less damage) and the damage from ramming her meka into you was reduced.


I don’t remember those but maybe idk.


do… do you even read the patch notes? They were. Deflect hitbox nerf, pulse bomb damage nerf, overall dva damage nerfs (she got many).

Balances works like this: if a hero is overtuned they nerf it. What makes a hero overtuned is a mixture of imbalanced strenght/weakness ratio and how meta they are. This is an oversimplification, but that’s the gist of it.


He doesnt need a nerf (he isnt op at all, he punish enemies for bad plays). If they want to change him, he needs a 100% rework… with a nerf he is going to be trash tier again for another 1 year (as we know Blizz isnt best at doing balance).


If people cry loud enough, Blizzard nerfs them despite stats, pickrates, winrates, evidence, etc.


yeah, you can’t be reasoned with. Keep your flawed perception of the game.
Have a nice day.


The nerf he needs is to remove the training wheels that are soft CC from his abilities. Most of the complaints are regarding how helpless his targets feels once he targets them. Allow his enemies to fight back and that will very quickly separate the good Doomfist players from the abusers who are using his overtweaked mechanics to secure kills on better players. Take off the soft CC from his abilities allows Doom to keep his current kit which is fun for Doom, and allows his targets to fight back with reduces frustration for everyone else.

The only people that this isn’t a win/win for are those that require his current training wheels in order to perform on the character.


I can link them if you want. :o


Oh that’s probably why, April is about when I switched to PC so I was probably inactive at the time. Thanks for the info!


No problem. :slight_smile: It’s wild how PC and console balance changes affect them so differently.


Doomfist was a joke but then they increased the amount of shields he gets on hit by what? 10? And suddenly he’s op?

The forums are a joke.


I’m hoping people take advantage of the replay system when it comes out so they can finally look at where when and how they were killed by Doomfist and realize “yeah maybe I shouldn’t have been standing out in the middle of nowhere instead of being with my team so they can help me kill DF when he dives me” like actually 90% of kills I get are because a low mobility hero was standing in a no man’s land about a kilometer away from the nearest teammate


JuSt LEarn TO aIm 4HeAD.
Pretty much the same sort of responses you’re giving to everyone else.


… What? How is me commenting that his Rocket Punch hitbox was overnerfed equivalent to telling people to aim for headshots?

Literally not even a shred of related information there…


If the replay system were to come out people would see how ridiculous dashes Doomfist is capable of, and have him get need faster.

Also mobility >>> positioning
5 seasons of five meta should have made you aware of that


He got lots of buffs over time, including many bug fixes.
Those bug fixes alone would have made Doomfist op, as his abilities always have been too strong to be consistent.
But the buffs add up, and his popularity increased a lot drawing attention of to his issues.


I chocked on my food form such laughter reading this…
I have seen Doomfist players multiple times go after anyone alone or in a crowd with their team. They know they can one punch you blindly and you don’t have a chance because Doomfist just rocket punched you OUT of the crowd you was in and nobody has time to help.
That is no different than:
“I am tired of Rein pinning me, maybe I should stand here, next to our and Rein and…”
Nope got pinned too…


Maybe they finally noticed how PO’ed everyone was at Blizzcon and decided to give us something we ACTUALLY WANTED.