Doomfist v Supports


lucio is his hardest counter, add ana and you can counter him

DON’T PICK BRIG, SHE IS NOT A ANTI FLANKER. even though many think so she does not work againts most of them.


Well Moira can ecaspe him with ease and might even suck him to death if he have no way to run.
Mercy too mobile for him so she pretty much always safe.
And Briggite can just eat him alive if you manage your bash timing right.


I’ve had luck booping him as Lucio, sleeping him as Ana (some Dooms are predictable with their movements,) or just fading away as Moira.

In general with Mercy, it’s a bit tougher, but if you have people far away you can fly to them. Brig is difficult because she has to be close, but her stun can always help if he’s attacking. Zen, it’s a skill matchup. I’ve beat Dooms before they managed to kill me and they’ve done the same. (All this assuming Doom misses the first rocket punch, one shot.)

There isn’t any direct support to deal with Doom. I’d say you’re safest on Lucio for off heals or Moira for main heals. They’re the most reliable way of surviving him, if not beating him.


Lucio, the floor is lava. Wallriding lucios are difficult to attack

Moira can use fade to hide. If she doesnt hide, expect a second rocket punch.

Mercy flying is slyppery too

But you can swith to sombra, heal with healpacks, focus on doom and force him to switch


Actually Moira gets hard countered, Fade is on a 6 second cooldown, so once you use it, a good Doom will probably use Rocket Punch to close distance because its on a 4 second cooldown, also, his passive would probably allow him to survive enough time to deal burst damage that Moira’s self heal can outdamage.

Ohh and Moira’s damage is so low that her only option is to run away back to her team. But this whole situation is pretty much an hypothetical 1vs1, which shouldnt happen.

And Brig gets detroyed by good Doomfists, even if you land the shield bash + full combo he would Rocket punch your face with ease and generate shields.

I think the best options are Lucio and Mercy.


I heard the same thing about Fortify being too unfair 10s CD against 4s RP, and yet 4s of active state “i don’t give a damn about you punches” is more than enough to turn him into a bag filled with bullets.
With Moira it’s even easier since he also need a 2s wind up before getting a full damage effect, if he doesn’t Moira will likely survive and surely finish him, plus don’t forget the orbs, you can ether up your survival chances or lower his, i personally never get killed by him as Moira and find him a pretty satisfying target atleast in FFA.


Lúcio, Moira, Mercy and Brigitte are the best options against Doomfist


I would say maybe Moira because of her fade and orbs, but in the end it’s really your damage’s job to deal with him.


Lol, none of the supports currently do well against him, your bets chance is to run from him with moria fade, and lucio. For ana, wait until he uppercuts to sleep him, use nade before hand.


Don’t play Ana or Zen when Doomfist is on the enemy team. These 2 require a lot of attention from your team in order to survive against Doomfist. Zen has no way to get away from Doomfist. If Ana doesn’t have sleep dart or miss, then you’re screwed. Again, dont play Ana or Zen when Doomfist is on the enemy team

There’s 4 other supports that can escape Doomfist or annoy him.


You can escape the slam+uppercut combo every time with GA. GA can help you dodge Rocket Punch. You can use Valk to escape a combo or dodge Rocket Punch. GA can help you avoid getting hit or killed by Meteor Strike.


Moira is good against. Because of her small hitbox, rocket punching is kinda hard. Use fade to escape the slam+uppercut combo, Doomfist will not chase you, unless he want to get himself killed

If you get yourself in 1v1 situation and if use fade to dodge Rocket Punch or escape a combo, DO NOT fade behind Doomfist most Moira players will fade behind Doomfist, this will get you killed if he hasn’t used rocket punch or slam and uppercut. Use fade to get away from him.


She can annoy the hell out of Doomfist. Her shield can block slam. Now if when shield bash and rocket punch collide, both players will fall. This punishes Doomfist more than you, you are with your team and he’s not.

If you get hit by uppercut, use whipshot to mess up Doomfist aim or to get him away from you or a teammate. Use whipshot to mess up Doomfist aim while he’s charging rocket punch.

You can use shield bash to escape a combo or stop it.


He’s annoying too. Use speed boost to make it harder for Doomfist to hit you or your teammates with Rocket Punch. If your near a wall and you get hit by uppercut, use to wall ride to escape.

While wall riding, give Doomfist a hard time. You can shoot him and boop him here and boop him there. Remember, Doomfist can’t reach you if you’re up high on a wall. You can kill him too.

There you go. These 4 supports have an easier time dealing with Doomfist. Ana and Zen have a harder time dealing with Doomfist. I hope this helps :slight_smile:






I find Mercy to be the best choice here.
With her short cd on GA, you can easily fly away from him.
I like to wait until he has uppercut me and then swoop somewhere else.
Moira can be useful too, but with her longer cooldown on fade its not as easy


You do it before he lands. I didn’t even think a Boop would register upon him hitting the ground.


Brig can’t 1v1 Doom on her own, but repair packs, stun, and ult armor are great for protecting her teammates from his fixed-damage combos.

Mercy is very difficult for Doom to pin down for a combo because of her high mobility, and her rez can undo Doomfist picks.

IMO those are your 2 best options.


I’d say mercy is one of the better heroes to deal with doomfist. You get a lot of mobility that lets you escape from doomfoot with guardian angel and bunny hops and even verticality with her super jump. Properly timed, GA can get you out of his ultimate too. You won’t be able to beat a doom, but you can keep dodging him and ress the unfortunate people he takes with him. Valkyrie also makes you fly, which will be a tough cookie for doomfoot to hit.


Think about what other support is on the field with you and if they are attentive and can have your back. If there’s a good ana, pick anything and stick by her so she can at least try and dart him. Otherwise Mercy or Moira for their possibility to try and escape out of the uppercut. Lucio can boop him away too.


At the right timing it would cancel it out as described in the bug fix.

iirc, being able to boop Doom during Slam depends on whether or not he uses the arcing trajectory version of slam, or the straight-line-woosh variant, with the latter giving him boop immunity.


If you can land sleep darts consistently, Ana is gonna be your best bet.

If you can’t, Mercy has the best and most consistent escape, Lucio and Brigitte have the most consistent interuptions (with Brigitte having the added bonus of being able to use her shield to block a good chunk of damage of Doomfist and armor countering his combos), and Moira is good to escape or stay out of his way or even save teammates with healing + orb


I love playing Zen, but every time I see a Doomfist I’ll swap to Lucio and do much better.