Doomfist seismic slam distance reduction sends him to F tier and then some

The changes that have already been implemented on ptr have been a mixture of good, and very, VERY bad.

The uppercut change is good. It increases skill cap for doom and removes scenarios where you can just punish someone for standing near a ledge with just uppercut if they dont have mobility.

The slam change though…

This change is going to ruin his ability to engage in all scenarios, thus making the character useless outside of fighting 3-3 comps head on.

The damage being reduced is one thing. One thing that is fine and should stay in the form of a horizontal damage buildup nerf, but not the distance reduction. He can’t reach his targets now.

You now have to waste punch to get to every target in any situation, and then you can’t get out even if you secure a kill.

He’s literally going to be a 1:1 kill and then die hero outside of fighting tank comps. He is going to be a trash tier punching bot that just trades his life to get a kill. You’re now gonna have to play him in like… the most idiotic ways to get anything out of the hero and then you can’t survive at all.

He’s only going to be good against tanky comps, and even then, with brig getting sledgehammer nerfed too, he’s just going to drop out of the meta and right back into the bottom of the trash tier because the very thing making him meta is no longer meta.

He doesn’t need this distance nerf. He just doesn’t.

And yet, now there are even more nerfs coming… stop please, he’s already dead with this slam distance change if it stays in :cry:

The removal of the movement lock on seismic slam is… okay: it also ups his skill ceiling a bit, fine with that, and the meteor change is good and bad, I think it means that ana’s and zens are going to complain more about well placed meteors because of the extra half meter in the center. Pretty sure it means that if meteor gets placed directly on you now you can’t get out without help or mobility.

Back to the seismic slam travel distance nerf though;

Why in the hell are we sledgehammer nerfing doom? Seriously. Why? Do you guys on the balance team understand that this change is absolutely going to kill his viability?

Here’s a vod from brandito with him testing the changes extensively. It’s very important to realize just how much this slam nerf matters. Testing goes until about 42 minutes in, he then leaves ptr and goes into competitive.

(Here’s a few highlights that primarily define what is wrong about the change to doom’s seismic slam, what is good and bad, and where doom will end up if the slam change goes through)


Why I think adding to his passive would be perfect in his current state (and fun to watch pros play). Jeff said the biggest intention with DF was to watch him flow performing combos.

Enable that for skilled play. Land one of the moves, it reduces the CD for the other 2 by some amount. Means you’d have a very interesting DF to watch with a high skill ceiling.


I think if you do that, doom has to be heavily rebalanced in so many ways that I can’t even begin to comprehend where he should end up.


Hopefully they will leave seismic slam distance alone. I thought they would fix seismic slam bugs before deciding to nerf it. I believe Doomfist will be trash again if the seismic slam distance nerf make it to live and if they don’t compensate. However if I can barley do anything as Doomfist, I will quit playing him.

They could leave aerial seismic slam distance alone or keep aerial seismic slam distance 20m and make its max damage 65.


They announced more nerfs for doom nicegenji. a teir to f teir in a month


  • Seismic Slam
    • Victims no longer lose air control while being pulled in.
  • Meteor Strike
    • Inner ring damage radius increased from 1.5m to 2.0m. This is the ring where Meteor Strike deals its full 300 damage.
    • Max damage outside of inner ring decreased from 300 to 200. This is the ring where damage falloff happens, which still reduces the damage down to 15 at max range.

Just seems like brandito is complaining that he can’t get all the way across the map faster than any other hero in the game. A tracer would have to waste all of her blinks to close the same distance that doom could

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that is hilarious… doom is not supposed to do that initially. just because bliz never fix it, does not mean it is alright.

‘‘The community has this massive outcry’’
Don’t think it’s only Doomfist :relaxed: Although I’m pretty fine with him being nerfed lol.

i can understand the travel distance, ONCE you master the character, it’s super easy to go from one point to the other, but that wasnt like oh im going to be playing doomfist for the first time and cross the whole map, you needed to go and practice on how to do that… then you needed to go and practice how to land every combo is not like junkrat where you just randomly shoot at stuff and kill it the first time you play it! doomfist needed time under the hood in order to be “decent” at the hero, let alone branditto kind of good takes a massive time invesment…
that being said i understand why healers cry about doomfist, once you master the hero its almost impossible to get out of a situation where you will get insta killed by a doomfist unless you are anna or have a sombra constantly hacking him…
what i dont get is why low skill heroes like symetra get buffed because they have a HUGE community behind them and how more niche heroes like doomfist get nerfed in to almost unplayable state because healers hate him… is there any logic behind this other than im a healer and i hate being one shot? i hope they cry about tracer and genji when they get back in to the meta…


The main issue with the distance change is that doom is such an easy shot for a widow. Currently, the doom/widow battle is fairly even. If doom maximizes his range and can reach the widow, she’s probably dead, but she would have had a second or two to land her shots before he got there.

I think doom is going to have a much harder time contesting a widow with this distance reduction.

Its going to have less of an impact on the doom-Ana/zen interaction which seems to one they are trying to address.


A tracer would waste all her blinks and would still have a recall to go back, Doom wastes all his cooldowns and to go back he has to ult, He has the 2nd most expensive panic button in the game the first being zen.


A tracer just won’t do that, unless she can 1 clip them, she will have to commit and recall will not take her back to safety and is low on blinks and only has 150 health. His ult is not 2nd most expensive panic button, zens yes, uses it too early and can lose a team fight. doom uses it too early and the enemy isn’t going to be like “doom wasted his ult lets go counter”

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Well good if it does, it is certainly healthy for the game if he isnt played

I’m saying its expensive because it’s an ult, ulting just to save yourself is almost always a bad decision. Tracer after blinking still has a gun, an ult, and a recal. Doom after using his cooldowns to engage has a shotgun and an ult. If doom is using all his cooldowns to cross the map he’s a vulnerable target for 4 seconds with no options other than to ult or die.


Not enough Doom nerfs honestly. They need to:

Reduce Uppercut’s height to a quarter of the current value
Reduce Uppercut damage from 50 to 10
Reduce Rocket Punch’s max travel distance to 1 meter
Reduce Rocket Punch’s damage to 10 + 5
Reduce movement speed in Meteor Strike to match Roadhog’s speed while ulting
Seismic slam now heals enemies

Anybody who has ever played doom is an immoral hero abuser. Check my hours if ur mad


You may complain about how doom works, but he only made it into common usage because of the meta shifting, not because of his balance changing.

Brig was the problem. Brig enabled doom by enabling triple tank triple support. I can’t change how you feel about the hero, but from a balance perspective doom didn’t need the slam distance nerf, let alone any adjusting. :man_shrugging:


The only thing I can say is that both heroes are becoming way more trash, and this is thanks to community whines. Now I think people notice how crying is a easy way in this game to change heroes that are not necessarily broken.


On top of all these nerfs they buffed/are buffing four of his counters.

Single Rocket Punch is the same distance as 3 Tracer Blinks. Doomfist has more mobility than Tracer.

i test now in ptr the new seismic slam distance and its the worst… the other nerfs ok , are small nerfs i think, but the range omg, kill doomfist.

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