Doomfist OW2 Request

Yeah that’s cool and all. But you act like Doom still won’t be hard shut down by the presence of mid-long range burst dmg that Will be Prevelant in the game still because of hitscans. On top of you butchering the hero. Hide your hatred to doom some more buddy. It’s too obvious

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His new ability allows him to become a female at will


Keep in mind, I’m also suggesting to basically remove the Anti-Dive aspects of Hack, getting rid of stun from shieldbash, and McCree stun gets cancelled as soon as the affected player takes any damage.

Throw in that there won’t be an offtank sitting in the backline to do peeling.

Is he white though :thinking:

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That doesn’t change anything about one of doom’s biggest weaknesses, poke. He’s gonna get rolled not having a second tank to work with. Close range cc won’t matter if he’s dead before he touches the floor

Well, also nerfing most headshot criticals to 1.5x,

Widow would be 1.6x with a maximum of 200 damage without a boost.

Also a cooldown on fan the hammer

And only 3x storm arrows.

Could probably scrap damage boost stacking too

i think uve lost it bro


While Ow2 comes, you can enjoy playing and do it a lot of rollouts!

Dude I’ll keep it straight with you.

This balancing you posted. It’s really not it. Especially if you have a lot of time on the hero. I’ll give you credit for the attempt, but this will butcher the hero. Even in OW 2.

And for the hitbox. Even if you nerf the headshot hitbox. Doom has a huge hitbox. Almost tank size. It won’t make much of a difference to him playing.

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I think I can confidently ignore anybody who thinks Flankers won’t need any changes if CC gets drastically reduced.

Heck, just a Zarya with 2x teammate bubbles is gonna be a huge Doom buff.

He has a bigger hitbox than Zarya so it’s tank sized.

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He’s mixed now. Half blue half black. He’s actually the 4th doomfist. Dad and widow had an affair

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The way I see it

  1. Almost all hard CC removed from the game
  2. Drastic weakening in snipers
  3. Drastic weakening in McCree/Hanzo damage spam
  4. No babysitting offtank in the backline
  5. The potential of 2x teammate Zarya bubbles for a Dive hero

And you’re thinking a nerf to his TempBarrier would counteract all of that and put him in the dumpster?

He will get vertical mobility to his RP (like in april fools), mark my words.

I really hope not. Made him more of a punchbot with even less skill than that style already takes.

They will reduce its damage but they will add mobility to set up everything easier for the rest of the kit. Instead of trying diags and rollouts you can just make them yourself with RP.

We’ll see ofc, I love DF and hope they don’t destroy him with this rework/tweak.

ive seen some change suggestions b4 but this is an insult to his design. cmon bruh doomfist is very vulnerable right now…

Realistically I’m wondering if they might end up needing to put some CC back into the game, with flankers being too dominant in OW2.

A lot of what offtanks actually do is cover “off angles”, and there’s a whole player not doing that anymore. And even if the tank player could peel, they often won’t be in position to be able to peel.

So the best alternative to that I can figure is to just nerf the survival of flankers directly or indirectly.

u have 64 hours on roadhog so why not talk about him 1 shotting over hjalf of the roster insted of talkin about 1 dps that u dont understand how works/. y r u not suggestion roadhog gets his 1 shot removedf? a 1 shot u cant counter and is complete cc. u dont play “tank” so y bother talking about 1 hero u never played

I have close to 300 hours on Hog, and I’ve suggested most the highly specific balancing changes to Hog, before they happened.

Should make you think when the Pros did their patch thing, and when Roadhog came around there was an instant general consensus that “He’s balanced, how about we just skip this one”.