Doomfist OW2 Request

ive seen some change suggestions b4 but this is an insult to his design. cmon bruh doomfist is very vulnerable right now…

Realistically I’m wondering if they might end up needing to put some CC back into the game, with flankers being too dominant in OW2.

A lot of what offtanks actually do is cover “off angles”, and there’s a whole player not doing that anymore. And even if the tank player could peel, they often won’t be in position to be able to peel.

So the best alternative to that I can figure is to just nerf the survival of flankers directly or indirectly.

u have 64 hours on roadhog so why not talk about him 1 shotting over hjalf of the roster insted of talkin about 1 dps that u dont understand how works/. y r u not suggestion roadhog gets his 1 shot removedf? a 1 shot u cant counter and is complete cc. u dont play “tank” so y bother talking about 1 hero u never played

I have close to 300 hours on Hog, and I’ve suggested most the highly specific balancing changes to Hog, before they happened.

Should make you think when the Pros did their patch thing, and when Roadhog came around there was an instant general consensus that “He’s balanced, how about we just skip this one”.

I’d argue that since there’s no offtank to peel now, flankers will need to be counter flankers or not flankers at all. They will be the new peel. Every game will be a different situation until the good picks are determined and then we’ll figure out if it’s a game of flankers or what we have now where flankers are mostly Garbo and outshined by long range heroes. I have a feeling it’ll be the latter. Without another fat target to shoot at, squishies will get shot up more.

Oh, incidentally, throwing this into the mix.

like imagin havin 300 hours on the most broken dps hero in the game but yet u want to completely eliminate doomfist, why?? u play hog u should love doomfist? u donmt make any sense dude

Well, like I said above.

I’m genuinely concerned about flankers being too strong in OW2, without an offtank to babysit the backline, and with almost all the hard CC removed from the game.

And one way or another that probably means sizable nerfs to flankers.

so remove roadhogs chain hook then. literaly the most broken ability

As an ex Doom main this would prob kill the hero even for ow2. Although I think this idea specifically is actually a good change.

In my opinion Doom is a brawler/rush hero at heart, not a flanker, so his changes need to reflect that. A brawler needs good self sustain if he is going to stay in the fight. Heck, you can argue that current Doom doesn’t even have enough because he is killed the most.

I have a TON to say about the direction of Doom for Overwatch 2 but to put it as broad as possible, he needs to become a healthier hero, who remains niche, but also more dominant in that niche (being brawl/rush). I only say that because at the moment he gets outshined by other heroes at higher levels of play in a meta that should be super favorable for him.

I want to go more specifically into how I would change him so here is a condensed version.

Uppercut combo has an inherently bad design. Its a gimmick that works based off of how good the enemy is at reacting to it and very little on how good the Doomfist actually is. Not only that but it also is a huge source of his cc and mobility. I think it should be removed entirely.

Uppercut needs to be replaced for something defensive like a quick block that allows him to avoid or greatly reduce big damage abilities and cc’s. Frontline brawlers like Reaper and Mei already have this and he needs it too.

Then just little things like -5m on indicator slam, something similar to that punch change you came up with, and then some decent buffs to primary/reload, ult charge, and possibly passive.

Obviously this isn’t perfect but the direction of more from a flanker to brawler, while not being Reaper 2.0, is necessary for him to be great in his niche and not meh.

If Overwatch was made in 1990 - 2005, I bet he’d be the only black character.

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based on ur post history its not about flankers. you want tanks to be the strongest role even tho they already are by FAR and you want them to be completely immune to CC while still be overtuned. u only want 2 remove cc because of tanks not becouse of flankers. u playu the most cc heavy hero in the game and still want him to keep chain hook. you’ve lost it dude. listen 2 what ur suggesting and the heroes u play.

when u play hog cc screws up ur abilities. stuns cancels your breather and cancels ur ult. everything like that is completely justified because he can do over 300 point blank damage to the head and heal 300 damage while also getting damage reduction + he has a 20 meter hook. he’s stupidly overtuned and should not exist. get better at the game and learn how to not just feed when u play roadhog insted of trying to ruin heroes like doomfist

I took it literally as if he was blank

He’s probably going to be bland, they’re using a new game engine so doom parkour probably won’t be a thing, I doubt balance will be much better too.

I’d argue Tanks need to be more popular or else they won’t fix queue times.

And anybody who has a problem with that, isn’t worth Blizzard’s consideration.

A lot more people would leave because of bad queue times, than getting butthurt that roles aren’t balanced the same way they used to be when 4x Tanks on a Team was a possibility.

Devs are going to have 5-15 million new/returning players coming through the door with OW2, and if they don’t fix queue times by the time that happens.
That’s it. They don’t get a second chance at that.

If that means they gotta let 1% of the playerbase quit over how Role Queue is balanced differently then Open Queue. No big deal. That’s just a cost of business.

the game should not cater 2 tanks becouse they are rite now. queue times will fix itself in OW2. people dont play becouse they h8 tank power creep and feel dps is an inferior role. once they make dps the strongest role people will return becouse they have a purpose 2 play. as of right now its dumb how strong tanks are, especially roadhog, rein and

Like I said above.

This whole “strongest role” thing only matters when “role limits” isn’t a thing.

If they aren’t balancing roles towards equal popularity, then queue times aren’t going to get fixed.

And anybody who has a problem with that, can quit.

And really, in the grand scheme of things, the accountants at Activision won’t care one bit about losing 1% of the playerbase, if it gets them +15% additional players.

That would lead to more frustration no? “I’m behind my rei- splat. procedes to go ham and cause many a zen main to rage quit. The only change meteor and doom in general needs is a slightly faster landing and he’s fine

You’d think it’s easier to move to a corner of a wall or just out of range with the current slow fall, than it is to constantly be directly behind a shield against a fast fall.

If anything the shield thing is more to do with making Grav surges combo better with it.

TBH, if it helps, I can take the “TempBarrier” nerfs out. But you can know if Doom gets too strong, that’s the most direct knee-jerk nerf they will go after next.