Doomfist OW2 Request

If you’re going to be lowering his cc and thus changing all his abilities, could you keep Rocket punch the same. Change the damage and cc values all you want, but please, Please, PLEASE don’t change how the mobility portion of it works. Doom’s unique mobility is what defines him in this game. Me and many other doom mains consider this to be one of the main reasons to play doom; a high skill, unique, impactful way of moving. If you change everything else, please just don’t change punch’s mobility mechanics.


Doomfist will be white in overwatch 2


Lmfao. That’s the one answer I didn’t expect


Specifically, he’ll be a female redhead.


Here is what I got so far.


For punch, I think they make it a .01s stun so it can cancel and reduce knock back. The slam change is worthless, you can’t camp on roofs with slam; what goes up must come down. Plus most doom’s activate it on a roof anyway. The passive change would make him die more often than he already does, even against 5 players. Same with the alternate. Their goal is cc reduction, not murdering doom. They’d have to reduce his hitbox if health is going down. I’d have to play him in OW2 to change my opinion on that

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Make doomsfist’s punch, punch their clothes off giving them censors… or we riot


Those 180 tracer punches boutta feel good in other ways…

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More like the goal is less “annoyance factor” from CC.

Also I got similar survival nerfs for all Flankers in mind.

They aren’t just gonna do a massive reduction in CC, then do nothing to tone down flankers.

(Prepare your f keys for if this doesn’t work I forgot how to do this)

Edit: (It didn’t work)

Edit 2: fixed it, y’all saw nothing.


Why? What could possibly be pleasurable about getting Doomfisted?

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We have to see how they want to change balance ig. Are they looking to empower individual players or try to make everything more team dependent. Based on the changes to tanks, I’d imagine power to the player and that would mean keeping a lot of stats the same.

By reducing cc, you’re making them less annoying. They already removed Mei freeze, not changing duration. They want impactful cc, just not a lot of it.

Well I’m already most the way done with a draft of what I think they should do for OW2.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

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Better watch out what you question on the forums. There’s a crowd for everything…


lmfao, r u joking or whjat? this is the worst thing ive ever read LMAOOOOOOOOOOO. im glad ur not in charge of this game/ on the dev team :rofl:

Yo chill. He’s just predicting. I agree, they aren’t good changes. But just be chill about it.

but that guy has the worst ideas ive ever heard man like… doomfist is a unique hero dat guy doesnt understand how he works. not even the slightlest

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I hope something like that never goes live or the devs never think about anything close to that. That would kill this already mediocre hero and make him incredibly unfun or play.

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I feel like you can’t comprehend that OW2 is gonna have a lot less CC, and how that would relate to the strength of flankers.

Not murdering Doom? Lol

Your rework for a brawler hero that already struggles in this game and is only gonna be playing with 1 tank in OW 2. Your going to give him only 200hp? Haha

And for his passive 75? Hahaha

This got me lol