Doomfist just started countering bast?

Just started playing again Competitive and i keep getting destroyed by doomfist in seconds , yet i was on full health in turret mode , did he get buffed that hard or is it just me

Just a shield generation buff, but it shouldn’t be that painful for a bastion.

Dommfist’s hitbox is big enough for you to be able to gun him down pretty quick, over time youlll get used to his attack movement

If he gets his 250 damage rocketpunch off on you, yeah he’s gonna just primary fire to win

ow ok that must’ve been it

it’s an extra 5 shields per person hit per ability, I’m guessing you’ll probably have a rein and maybe a mercy next to you, so he’ll get an extra 15 shields from a slam and another 15 from the uppercut. If he’s rocket punching you he’s just gonna end up killing himself.

Bastion is really good against a doomfist, if he uses his meteor strike change into sentry mode. With the Iron Clad and armor you can survive the impact and kill him pretty quick. He can’t knock you around like he can other heros, but your crit spot is gonna be easy for his 66 dmg shots. Keep him in front of you and you should be fine :slight_smile:

I was solo most of the time when he got me , thought he remained the same

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Found the patch notes

Keep the bastion love alive <3