Doomfist is literally so anti-fun

I think Widow is way worse. At least Doomfist has counters outside himself and has to put himself in very dangerous spots to get value.

Widow fights from across the map, is way too mobile for her capabilities and can one shot most of the roster in very short time.


I commonly play heroes that counter Doom so he’s not as much of a problem for me as some other heroes are. He is fun to play as, though, for sure.

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Good, please do :smiley:

I do the same

Id say about 80-90% of my time on sombra is purely to counter Doom/Ball.

But I dont do so with the intent on losing. I honestly dont think sombra is that bad- And if you can use her to consistently deny value from 1-2 heroes on the enemy team, even if “its just sombra”, youre still at an advantage.

My favorite is when theres a hammond, hog, AND doomfist.

The amount of ult youll charge is insane, and not only will you have constant hack target opportunities, youll have EMP for days.


No i just come here to remind you that youre bad at the game


Infinite mobility huge carry potential small hitbox etc

As Orisa I don’t mind him if I have a decent healer. I will halt him or fortify if my halt misses for some reason. Then again I think I am still in bronze on my tank. It’s not hard to see telegraphed Doom pushes at that rank.

When I play Total Mayhem and hear a Doom outside our spawn I die a little inside then pick Junkrat and do my best to keep him trapped/off balance with mines.

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Yeah sure…

Her fast mobility is like less than a sec, after that she is easy target, since her hitbox is actually quite big, incase you didnt knew, her wings count

And her carry potential is mainly tied to you allowing her to get value out of her ult

Well, I would have missed something if I wouldn’t have watched these links, the 3rd link gave me a good laugh.

Although I agree doomfist is pretty “anti-fun”, I find pharah far more annoying… Not because I cannot deal with her, but it’s because I’m basically forced to play hitscan heroes or my team is gonna lose. I hate that way more…

im a support main and i unironically enjoy playing against doomfist, especially since i learnt how he works to make the matchup easier, its like a big game of cat and mouse. zen is my second most played hero and my viewpoint doesnt change when playing him.


I have fun playing against him because ironically countering him feels more like playing a fighting game than actually playing as him.

Would I like an easy game healing? Of course. But if you want to improve, you have to learn to deal with all kinds of interference and that includes Doomfist.

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yea as much as i hate doomfist hes a hero that blizz put in the game and some people have fun playing with, so i dont wanna break him he isnt as overbearing as before so he has a niche like all the other heroes in overwatch

to me he just seems like a better genji

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Tbh since I’ve played him so much now when I fight an enemy DF I find dealing with him kinda effortless, actually. Usually end up feeling bad for the guy because of how easy it is to just shut him down

Those mobility nerfs were all the wrong changes tbh; made him just not worth playing compared to other flankers


Yeah, I used to hate Doom like a lot of other people. After I picked him up… I have not really been bothered since. Unless I am on Zen. In which case, screw you Doomfist!

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At this point I’m more worried about the fact that they keep lowering his skill ceiling than anything

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I hate playing against him but more because I don’t really have a grasp on any of his counters. Though I really hate the one shot and CC on that hero…

No, and literally anyone who says otherwise is a DF main (and hiding their profile) or lying to get a trolled response.


I prefer Doomfist than one of the following heros

  • Bastion
  • Junkrat
  • McCree
  • Sombra
  • Widowmaker
  • Ball
  • Hog
  • Zarya
  • Sym
  • Torb
  • Moira
  • Brig

If any of those confuses you - I don’t care. It’s my opinion. I’m allowed to have it.

I mean… I main Hog and McCree, you really think I am lying about enjoying that juicy hitbox? C’mon, fam. It’s free real estate.

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