Doomfist gold gun broken

When the gold gun is equipped while wearing the painted and leopard skins, it uses the gold gun for the base skin instead.

The base skin’s fist is dull gold with red highlights.

Painted’s fist is black with YELLOW highlights.

Leopard’s fist is leopard PRINT with BLUE highlights.

AND YET, when you equip the gold gun, it applies that shiny gold with, no matter what skin, the base skin’s RED HIGHLIGTS.
And Leopard gets it the worst, because the gold gun completely eliminates the leopard print. whereas on epic skin guns with a similar print, IT WOULD SHOW THROUGH WITH THE GOLD.

With the Carbon Fiber skin it does not matter, because as with the base skin, it has red highlights on the fist.

With the Monk skin I would not know, because I did not get it when it was available, but if it is working correctly, the Monk’s gold gun should be that shiny gold with PURPLE highlights.