Doomfist finally fixed?


This were the 2 bugs which were happening so many times and you experience them every day as Doomfist player, i am glad they finally fixed that.
Especially the Uppercut bug is frustrating to deal with.

Now Doomfist is probably completly fixed there are still some bugs with Seismic Slam not registering or not hitting but i don’t even think they are aware of this bug.

Looks good so far.


The bug that bothers me the most is that RP doesnt cancel Sombra hack properly so she can hack immediately after it


I mean it’s not really a big deal if you even get the chance to RP a Sombra, you’ll probably follow up with Slam or M1 immediatly. So yes it’s a bug but its not really as game deciding like these two I listed above.


Its funny how his fixes make him even more insufferable to play against.