Doomfist Bug Report: We've Had Enough of the 40+ Bugs

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It has already been mentioned, but seeing how it was mentioned on ptr multiple times and still went through, I want to ask if you all have noticed the bug on doomfist’s ult,l where his inner circle was decreased even though it is claimed that it was increased. DrClan provided a nice picture above of this bug.

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Slow down the video and look at Tracer’s recall icon

Stun gets canceled on Wall Impact for all characters. It’s not exclusive to Reaper/Moira/Tracer

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Only Blizz would nerf a midtier hero into F tier whilst not even fixing at least half of his bugs


This info is amazing but are we just gonna gloss over the fact that you found a way to multibox?

In patch 1.31, we updated the Meteor Strike visuals to have the inner ring accurately match the max damage of the inner area. In the previous iteration, the inner ring size and damage size didn’t correlate. However, this has now been updated to make it more readable. Ultimately, the visuals of the inner area have shrunk in size, but the functional size of the inner damage area has been increased from 1.5 meters to 2.0 meters.


wait… are you kidding me?

The visual indicator was bigger than the hitbox before? By like 1 meter?
(assuming this because overall the visual for the inner circle is still smaller than last patch even with the hitbox being widened, though initially and for a while we believed that you accidentally nerfed the inner circle instead)

Either way… Please, communicate with us on things like this. We honestly thought you had reduced the size of the hitbox. But regardless, the scaling on meteor strike needs looking at/the interpretation for what damage the target should take based on their position. It’s not working properly. More often than not if a target is just barely out of the circle instead of taking 150-175 they will take 100-125. Something is just not right with the ability. It would not have been possible to know this before because in these ranges the targets would always be dealt damage that would outright kill.

Personally though I think the damage scaling itself needs to be buffed back a bit, raise minimum damage from 15 to 50 and max outer ring damage to 225 from 200. Overall it just feels awful to use, everyone can just stay in the outer ring without a real consequence for it, even at the edge of the inner ring it doesn’t kill reliably.

Here’s a good example of the problem in play (pay attention to the mercy’s health):


Completely killed a balanced hero, all cause you listened to people venting on the forums


Thanks for the reply.

How about the lack of CC on Suesmic slam? Is that just a bug or are we missing something again?

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Thanks for the response. However, seismic slam has been launching my enemies over my head or away from me. Here’s 2 clips about this, I hope you guys can fix this

The patch notes says “Targets no longer lose air control while being pulled in” When I play against Doomfist and he uses seismic slam on me, it doesn’t feel like I’m being pulled in. I get launched away or behind Doomfist. It feels like the pull is not even there. Could this be a bug?


cough Mercy cough

That’s a good real-gameplay vid of this situation. Mercy is standing at the beginning of outer ring, where the patch notes state max damage should be 200. Damage is meant to go from 200 to 0, it instead goes from 150 to 20. I’ve got a separate report filed for it, “Doomfist Ult Damage and Range Incorrect with Proofs. Damage Not Scalar”.

I proved the distance-to-damage issue in the training area, but your video gives a real combat example.
h ttps://

The inner ring is currently the proper size of 2 meters , though.

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Hi Tom Powers, I wonder, is it intended case? or not?
when the target be hit shatter, if the target jump, doomfist can not do anything.
As doomfist player, I think this case is not ‘difficult’ to chase target, more like ‘nearly Impossible’ to chase target.

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Because targets are allowed to maintain air control, the game is allowing the pre-slam jump to be additive with the slam push-up. This is causing double-jump height ability to evade, which leaves doomfist bereft of options.

It’s not a bug, but it seems an unintended side effect of allowing air control.

plat player picks up doom gets masters and is mad he’s getting nerfed, omegalul.

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