Don't you guys have Jobs? 👨‍💼


Love goes out to the 800 people who lost their Jobs this week. :heart:

I hope you all have loved ones to support you this Valentines day to get through this hardship.

I wish you all the best of luck on your next adventures.

I myself worked for Directv for 9 years. AT&T bought them out and let a huge % of us go so they could put our jobs overseas. I have been there and this is why this means so much to me when I heard the news.


Amazing that people like Jennifer Hale are getting involved.

I have to agree with her on this.


Hopefully they’ll find new jobs quick


Today in my dream some woman manager in Blizzard invited me to interview lol
She saw some pictures I posted on this forum and wanted me to join design team (I have 0 design skills, cant even draw properly)
Dreams dreams…


Well they worked for well known company and gained bit of experiance.

Atleast it should buff their CV and recomendations.


I have dreams about blizzard and their games/company too. So weird how it effects us mentally.

Puts tin foil hat on


I hope they are not doubling down on making mobile games as a result of these lay offs. I don’t want to be forced to upgrade from my iphone 5c.


Imo, anyone who supports mobile gaming and their micro transaction garbage is just supporting the problem. LAck of quality is a big problem these days.


I have a job and this is pretty common

It’s not like you’re dead just find a new job which doesn’t take long

Most people change jobs a few times even without getting fired anyways


Its different when you have a family to take care of, you lose the career you worked so hard for and/or your dream job, and must relocate sometimes when switching to a new equal type of job. Not counting the fact you lose your benefits.

You are like one of those people who tells others “Git Gud and click Heads, its Ez”


This title had me creasing tho :joy:


So you know all 800 of them personally and know everything about them?

This is life, you’re pretty naive if you believe this


I support mobile gaming because I enjoy gaming while on-the-go. I see no issue with it. We live in a time where we don’t have to be bound to a PC or console to enjoy something.

No one likes micro-transactions, but that doesn’t mean someone supporting a different entertainment platform supports that too.


Yes but they should know their audience. Or at least go mobile with a brand new IP. If I’m traveling a long way on a bus then a game like Candy Crush is fine. But I do that only a handful of times per year. The rest of the time I’m proper gaming at home. Don’t force us to play Candy Crush mobile games while we are at home.


I have a full time job that I love. I’ve had part time before but I hated it. I’ve never experienced layoffs before and all my unemployment experience after 17 (late birthday) was the same time I had college or in between college years.

The good thing about the game industry is that it’s booming right now, so it’s possible that the layed off can find another job in the same field whether it be a large company or a small one. It’s not a good thing for these people probably, but I hope them the best.


Awwwwwwwwwww I feel like crying :hearts:


You are missing the point.

Mobile gaming would not be bad if companies didn’t trade gaming quality for greedy tactics and micro transactions.

Think of it like this. In Fallout 1,2,3, and Vegas, You had Dialog, choice making, Npcs, and a lot of RPG elements that simply made the fallout games what they are. Masterpieces.

Now imagine if they took all of that away and just made fallout a Fps shooter and then add micro transactions and other systems to cash grab along with initial pay in some cases. (Oh wait, they did this. :open_mouth: )

But this is how mobile games work. They make infinite grindy games that make players feel like they hit invisible walls, where it gets even more grindy to the point of frustration. It becomes very time consuming to get anywhere at all or do anything. But of course… if you use the cash shops and micro transactions… life becomes easier.

They arnt making games. they are making cash grabs. Thats the problem with mobile gaming.

Its like letting the Ferengi from Star Trek make your games. They will just make illusions , not games.


Plus, mobile games mostly aren’t actually fun. That’s the thing about pay to win or excessive monetization, even if you pay in, it still sucks.

I’m the kind of person who will spend $$$ upgrading their rig for a game, but if I can spend $ to buy an advantage, I am -out-.