Don't rework / revert Mercy

Try as I might to be kind. I just dont want them to do it because people keep begging for a revert. I think people should accept that she was changed and look to what she could become rather than what she used to be.


And what is that, if I may ask?


An off healer apparently.


Could being the defining word. She could be anything. She has the capacity to be anything. They could make her an off tank if they really wanted to. They could go full valkerie theme and give her a spear of light. The world of possibilities is endless. Ive seen very few good rework suggestions most of them are just “make rez ult, make valk ability”

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Yer revert Sym instead


That can be said for any hero, there’s bad plain feedback for all hero’s.

that doesn’t mean we should ignore those with detailed constructive posts xd

Mercy mains want her to be a competent solo target main healer.

we need to have more viable main healers not less.


What if we revert her, but only back to 60hps?


And leaving everything else as it is?

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I wasnt saying we should ignore them. I was saying That I feel people shouldnt hold onto rez when it was lost and instead should push to have mercy become viable and fun without it.

I dont think mercy is in a good spot, shes not engaging to play. But I feel that even with rez she still wouldnt be that fun.

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I second that.

6 Characters.


To each their own. But there’s a lot of people out there who did find her fun with Mass rez. OW never had as many support mains as DPS mains, so when Valk came in and a lot of people left because of it well… even if I didn’t play Mercy or like it I’d still want it back. As it is, I’m playing other games these days. I’d love to have fun with OW again, but I’ll stay away as long as she has Valk.


Old Mercy was fun.
I really liked her gameplay.
I didn’t want to lose it.

But guess what?
Old Mercy was flawed, so we moved on.
New Mercy is also flawed. So what do you want? A free pass and a cupcake? No. We move on. If we had to, you have to.


Her current form is just a cluster of three toxic designs that were removed for good long ago, during alpha (valk), beta (stationary rez) and seasons 2-3 (current trash healing). Blizz had great reasons to remove/rework them all, indeed, the same reasons of why Mercy is having so many problems nowadays and why her design is so toxic. Valk is not an ult and will never be. Stationary rez has no placement in a mobile character. Trash healing simply makes her not a main support anymore, and makes her too weak in comparison with Ana and Moira, who outperform her overall.

Mercy’s revert has brought nothing good to this game. Any change to this cancer will be welcome. Anything that means escaping from this hell of quicksands simulator, ez afk/spectator mode pro simulator (or we could say just Molten Core’s Ugly Sister) and mediocre healing, will be a step in the right direction. Mercy never deserved to go back to her worst possible past, she needed to go forward. This revert was 1000% unnecessary because she never needed any of these changes, she needed to go forward since the beginning, never backwards.


Old mercy was flawed true. Problem is, new mercy is no fun while old’s Mercy’s flaws were forgivable. I did move on - to other games. Reason being, this game isn’t my day job, if I’m not enjoying it I won’t play. I’d rather it go back to a state I liked.


This. A thousand times this!


I did play mercy back when she had rez. And I found her fun. Buts it been a year. The game, which was once very simple, is not much more complicated. Back then when there was only one viable main healer, she felt so unique and different but now, one of her main issues is that she feels like a sidekick because everything is team based or required. I feel like the game has changed too much for rez to come back and still feel impactful.

I truly do think that people should let go and look to the possibilities of her kit. Shes an amazing hero with a billion possibilities to be fair, engaging and strong without the need of a team.

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No, you just arrived the reality.
All the other threads were a dream-world where she isn’t balanced

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Wow…I’m not sure if this thread is a joke or not


As wrong as you are about Symmetra, you are actually right about Mercy. Current Mercy is fun and balanced.

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Hardly. She’s no longer a main healer, and has been relegated to side healer status. Yet she does not have the utility or fight potential to fulfill that role of side healer.

She’s an insufficient main and side healer. She’s hardly balanced at all.

This is a joke, right?

No. It will be for the better.

Worst for the game, actually.