Don't rework / revert Mercy

Fair enough, I left at the end of this year’s halloween for the same reason. Maybe if enough people do that they’ll change their tune. They may not care about whether we have fun or not - but they will care about their income.


Not the worst choice of action: vote with your wallet and feet – usually the most effective method. There are so many games on sale right now, I am enjoying those I either had no time for before or was unsure they were worthy of the full price… =)

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We must be playing a different game. New Mercy is fairly held back by an unearned resurrect ability on ‘E’ which self stuns her for nearly two seconds. New Mercy is less of a main healer and more of a side kick. Short of going Battle Mercy she really doesn’t offer much in the way of potential impact in fights (even with Valkyrie, but I don’t recall teammates generally caring whether Mercy has it or not these days).

If you really enjoy this bland and conflicting version of Mercy then I respect that, but just because you do doesn’t mean everyone else who doesn’t really then must adapt. We need to find a middleground for both those who are truly satisfied with this version of Mercy and those who aren’t satisfied. Let’s face it, they didn’t even engage in any feedback discussions when megavoids (opps I mean megathreads) were a thing.


Same goes for every clown who demands Mercy changes as if they speak for everyone who plays and enjoys Mercy.

“We who?”


True. Both side are equally guilty of that.

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You are right not everyone thinks Mercy needs changes but if we go after this thread here quite a lot of people think she does.

I have yet to see a thread like this saying she is fine.

I dont think you got any right to say that. This account I think was made perfectly for trolling or hating her. Just level 11 with almost 5000 posts? and that also private profile?

Mercy is F-Tier and if I see a Mercy on my team, I tell her to change quickly to Moira or Ana, unless we got a Pharah.


#ReworkMercy is the way.
The res on E is an afk mode and Her ultimate is a spectator mode :slight_smile:

You’re gonna listen to someone that has a level 9 portrait and has their profile set to private ? ( I’m not trying to belittle them, it’s just a fact) That seems mighty suspicious. Mercy is in a good state, I used to respect titanium’s opinion but I’m beginning to get suspicious because of how low of a level his in game account is…if you can’t match the amount of experience you have in game with what you’re talking about out of game, you need to play more of that hero. It’s like the old saying “ if you can’t walk the talk, don’t talk the walk”. It’s just really suspicious that people like titanium don’t have high levels with mercy complain the most.

Oh wow i have level 600 or higher i don’t really know anymore and care about the silly level. I played since the beta and Mercy isn’t what she used to be. She is just a shadow of herself and blizzard ignore they feedback for months.


to OP:

I too like her as she is in her current state, and as such, dont want to see a rework/revert or any other changes whatsoever

well - except - ok, yeah, I’d like GA to be a little more forgiving when I try to target that Widow who just wont come to the edge so I can get to her :slight_smile:

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Alright OP, we’ll take your level 11 opinion under consideration.

Stationary rez has no placement in a mobile character

I assume you are against proposing any form of mass rez with a cast time then?

Factually, although a player can choose have Mercy to remain motionless during rez, they are not required to do so, and I certainly wouldnt recommend it

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I mean, if semantics is your thing, significantly reducing the speed in a mobile hero to use a basic ability seems to go against the design of the character.

I disagree, as I believe that the ability in question is potent enough to mandate serious limitations/drawbacks/risk

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Well then why have it as an ability? That seems to be like the logic of an ult. Moreover, widow and Hanzo have a primary fire that can one shot while being mobile. They aren’t hindered in their mobility to do so, and yet being mobile isn’t in their kit.
So why is Mercy an exeception with an ability in either -power, design , and gameplay?

To me, this is because it is iconic for Mercy to have such an ability

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Mercy’s core gameplay hasn’t changed a bit recently (except for 50hps but even before that she was marked as “unfun” already). She even got the game’s most powerful e ability. She is finally where she should be. I admit 60hps healing would be better but she is indeed in a decent spot now.

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I mean…so was mass rez? Moreover, ability on cooldown and ability in game is different concepts. Couldn’t that be an argument for keeping rez as an ult? Moreover, again, in line with design, it’s not like rez is her primary fire. It’s a 30 sec cooldown. So widow can jumpshot kill two people in the course of mercys ability cooldown that slows her down even during her ult.
That doesn’t seem like good hero design

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