Don't leave Hog like this

Hog is arguably worse than he was before with the lose of his damage (again), an ammo gone, and his fire rate still slow. With these changes, he has sunken yet again.

Sure these could be reverted, but we’d be back at square one with Hog - useless for another few years, even with the weaker barriers.

Please test him more in experimental. Try giving him damage again, but allow escape abilities (Blink, reverse, shadowstep, translocator, Guardian angel, etc) to work DURING being hooked.

What this achieves is removing the constant complaint of Hogs hook being a one shot, making it more of a skillshot when timed on a hero with an ability on cooldown while still retaining value through his damage without having to rely on hook 24/7.

Of course, thats my proposal, but Hog NEEDS something.

Or, as suggested by stones


There are far worse characters than him (and have been in a crap state for months) which need adressing first. You can still 1 shot most of roster and still have high damage, combined with a lot of burst heal, everything on low to medium cooldown.
He just received a change in latest patch.
They probably removed the insane damage to make him more reasonable against other tanks.


If you don’t like the way he is now, you’d hate him with this. That’s my feeling anyway.


That would make him even worse to versus against tanks and not very reliable against squishies.

Most tanks dont have an escape ability, so it would more or less make him a direct counter to double barrier, allowing Orisa and Sigma to be buffed up again without the fear of creating a meta around two shields

Hog, in my opinion, is at his best when his power isn’t directly funneled into hook. I don’t like being a hook bot. I like having some value without having to use it 24/7

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Orisa could “gold” her way out, sigma can use grasp before your first shot, it would make hog even worse.

But also, keep in mind, that this would also increase his skill ceiling as well.

If you bait out the abilities, they’re essentially a free meal to him.

Honestly, if they just revert his ammo nerf or his fire rate nerf, I’d be fine. He’s not too terrible, but those two nerfs feel really harsh tbh.


Heh, they could double his ammo, but make it so that right clicks take 2 ammo.

Hog can benefit from the following changes:

  1. reduce the channeling time of his ult (same dmg overall, more dps due to less time)
  2. remove the ability to move while self healing, increase healing to 400 to compensate
  3. increase his damage back to 7 bullets or try 6.5 damage per bullet first, or even change the number of bullets to 20 and make it 8 (numbers will hover around 160-170 total damage)
  4. increase the radius of his right click ball a little bit and tighten its scatter (for now its scatter is kind of useless)

Any buff to roadhog needs his self heal to be immobile again - this will reduce a lot of the negativity to roadhog buffs and will make good roadhogs better and bad roadhogs worse. it is a much needed nerf because it brings most hatred from the community. This will also reduce the amount of flanking roadhogs.


Hog isn’t really that bad right now. Hog Zarya still works in diamond pretty well. You just have to focus squishies.

Hog is fine. He shouldn’t even one shot tbh


hog needed nerfing before he got buffed, and he’s one of my mains btw, hogs issue is he’s just not a tank, his damage was always more than enough and its still very easy to get those 1 shot combos, the issue is roadhog is super easy honestly, hes one of the strongest stand alone characters in the game, the health, the healing and the damage just make him the cheapest pick in any 1v1, issue is with hog he’s just not a tank, the 1 thing you really have to worry about with hog is feeding, which essentially means just not getting hit… so… not Tanking… he needs a way to deny ult charge is what he needs, his damage was always more than enough, especially considering how easy the hook is to land…


That would be worse though???

Which is why the hook change I propose would solve that problem

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It makes him less of a hook bot and allows him to apply pressure in close-spaced areas without the reliance of hook 24/7

Agreed. I wish they’d attempt this as well

as a main hog, HELL NHA!, moving while self healing was a godsend.

just revert the damage as it was before (it was fine as it was)

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Well fine for those heroes, what about others who don’t have specific escape abilities.

Can Bastion use self-repair? Can bastion re-enter sentry mode? Stay in sentry mode?