Don't buff Mercy. That's not what she needs

There is no requirement that if one does not like a given support, that one is restricted to moving to a different support

One can choose from any of the over 2 dozen heros


This is technically true.

Sadly, you have offered the wrong solution.

A “suitable” source??

For who? You?

Probably not. El oh el, a suitable source.

You literally go on to say that from your own anecdotal evidence you think the opposite. Which makes sense and is fine.

I don’t need to back anything up with “suitable” sources because 1) nothing I say is going to fit your narrative, therefore probably isn’t suitable and 2) reality is on my side.

Thanks though!

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Nothing technical about it - factually, one is not restricted from choosing any of the other heroes if one has issues with a certain hero

I see nothing wrong with this

I experienced this myself when the horrendous (imo) Nerfedbjorn rework came about. I didnt switch my time to another dps

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Oh look it’s another “mass rez” thread in disguise


I disagree with your “official” views on Mercy. I would recommend visiting the most popular thread on the Overwatch forums to educate yourself:

It’s a thread about why Mercy’s current state is unacceptable, starting off with an excellent thesis from the op. You should visit sometime!

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clarification: my views are my own, and as I am not ane employee or otherwise authorized representative of Blizzard, there is nothign about them that can accurately be called “official”

IMO, The thread that I believe you are referring to can also be called the least popular of all time, considering the amount of dissent expressed towards the ideas, analysis, and “facts” presented by the OP and others supporting the OP

Personally, I have read little there - particularly (but not exclusively) in the OP - that I found to be “educational”

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The thread I am referring to has the most liked op in the entire forums, at 1900 likes.

Therefore it’s the most popular.

It’s popularity was doctored, anyway. I don’t know why “most popular” would even lend credibility to someones opinion piece.

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I dont find that definition to be broadly accepted, but I do understand (even prior to the helpful explanation quoted here) why one might feel it is the most popular thread

Its sad this gets brought up at all, but it is what it is

I mean, someone can mark a post with “Like” without even reading it.



A forum post is an inanimate object, and therefore has no need for medical attention

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Wow, you really don’t know the definition of “doctored”?

Actually, that makes sense. LMAO

To some extent, yes, you’re correct.

But like… how many people would want Regen to stay exactly how it is?
How many want to keep chain beams exactly how they are?
How many want to dump Resurrect? How many want to keep Resurrect but rework it? How many want to keep Resurrect exactly how it is?

I honestly don’t know.

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Also, forum posts are not “intimate” objects unless you’re gross

Inanimate, maybe

But then again… that makes sense!

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Didn’t see that typo until you pointed it out. Thanks!

One of the most crippling problems in going through such an exercise is that some of those wanting change want mutually exclusive change - such as the many who have said they want rez removed entirely and the many who want mass rez returned. Cant satisfy both groups

Neither do I. Yet, it seems like players that like current Mercy don’t see any issues with her existing support capabilities.

Which means, that either they are playing at high tiers, where players aren’t actively trying to get killed, or rely on their pistol most of the time. Asking that part of playerbase will give you no answers, since they don’t pay much attention to any of those subjects.

correct for many of us, myself included

there are however some who like Mercy as she is but still want some sort of improvement as well - maybe 5 more HP on her base healing rate, rez becomes instant in Valk, and so forth