#Don't bring Mass Rez back


You’ll have to excuse me if I’m dubious of the intention since I remember this thread too.

Its Mercy players fault she got reworked because of invincibility

But I will give it a shot.


I’m assuming you’re part of the #reworkMercy and this comment is entirely based on that assumption.

You seem to have some amount of pasionate people that support the movement. Get 10-15 people of your movement together in a discord call or something. Argue, discuss, propose ideas. Form a coherent idea, propose that idea within the movement.

Alter that idea if there’s critique coming from within your movement.
Get your movement to have a coherent idea of what the solution is in your eyes.

Because what’s happening is people shouting for changes without knowing how and what to change to please the movement because there is no coherent idea to solve it.

But my advice is to get off the forums with all the threads and try to get a hold on some vocal persons that are hurting the movement and tone them down.

The general view of #ReworkMercy is getting worse and worse because of the amount of topics that are created, the divide within the movement itself and people who openly admit that they are part of the movement and disregard any other opinion than “Mercy is unfun”.

You have a movement, even a spokesperson ableit a bit of a controversial one, probably a discord. Get together, form an idea, make sure the movement itself is happy with it.

And then propose it to the community.


Ok? I and everyone else who’ve complained about fun being ignored by the devs disagree with you. Besides, we want fun to be explicitly addressed.

Ok. Nerf the Tracer as she is disheartening to play against. That scenario is nothing like the scenario we’re in. We got buffs because Mercy was underpowered. Not because they suddenly gave a damn about fun.

My point is that fun for the player hasn’t been addressed by Blizzard with the two most recent buffs because like I said; they were buffs to make her less underpowered. I repeat, not to intentionally make her more fun. If fun was their goal, they wouldn’t have opted to just go with simple number tweaks.

You lost me when you decided to copy and paste about half of my previous response.

Sorry, but you just sound like you don’t like the answer you were given. #reworkmercy has a clear universal goal. Insisting that it doesn’t whilst also mentioning said goals is what people like to call a contradiction.

Also, you look like you misinterpreted what I said. I’ll reiterate my point just for you. :slight_smile: Blizzard should try to please everyone. Not aim to just please one group whilst completely ignoring the other.


The “universal goal” of “fun, balanced and impactful” is broad and subjective. I already feel she is fun, balanced, and impactful. Did you watch/listen to the Mercy talk they held where, like I said, they agreed on that “universal goal” but when it came to an executive, solid plan or goal they could not actually agree on what it is they wanted.

“We want change, but we can’t agree on what exactly that change should be” was the BIGGEST takeaway from that discussion. I’m not the one who doesn’t like the answer I was given. That’s on you.


It is quite literally still the aim of the movement. With that in mind, this:

Is still wrong.

Then there’s the couple dozen people that don’t see Mercy as this…

Oh. You’re referring to a more detailed and concise aim (for example, a rework suggestion). Well, looks like they’re already working on that. Ari made a video recently regarding that.

You could’ve been more clearer. :man_shrugging:t2: Anyway, yeah, that’s being discussed and dealt with.


Been there, done that. Past efforts have culminated in the most liked post of all time on the forums: Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

There are still disagreements over exactly what Mercy’s E ability should be (I myself think it should be some form of Valkyrie) but that specific rework solution has received a lot of support and uses a version of mass resurrect that is generally well-liked among the group of people who support #ReworkMercy. The hashtag is new. The idea is not. We’ve all been talking about this for a long time now.

Not every single person agrees 100% with every intimate detail of that proposed rework, but it’s a great place to start from for effort on Blizzard’s side, where the real work to change the hero must be done anyway.


Nothing you said really disproved anything I said, though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
In any case, reading responses like yours is an eyesore and I cannot tolerate it anymore because of how dissected and drawn out they get, so I’m muting and moving on. :v:



all of this

thank you


Wonderful. Tbh, reading your replies were also vexing me so I’m glad you chose to be the mature one and end the argument. :ok_hand:t2:


Due to the use of phrase “and everyone else” in the statement above, I respectfully disagree

Blizzard is in the game business, but it is also in the E Sports business

It would be unwise for Blizzard to make a character change without consideration of balance, given it’s investment in ESports

Balance leads to fun

That aside, many unhappy Mercy mains have clamored for stronger healing rather than fun. As I have said, those who want more fun arent the only unhappy group. This other/additional group did indeed get what they asked for.


I’m sure. But it is not.


Factually, there are far, far more than a couple dozen people who have expressed on these forums alone that they are happy with Mercy as she is


where does one go on this thread to post a dislike?

or to view the current dislikes?


They do NOT stand until you provide proof that they are not “PR”, like the “fun” aspect was.


Apparently, the Revert Mercy movement is keeping statistics on everyone and not letting us in on those numbers. That’s obviously why anything you say can’t possibly be backed by facts, and their word should just be taken as gospel.



You don’t. You post a thread with a counter-argument and get more likes.


If thats the case, in my opinion, they need to fire whoever is tallying up the numbers, they are waaaaaaay off


I don’t know if you know this, but this is currently happening already. Thats why we keep asking people to contribute ideas and feedback on the discord, including from non-Mercys so that their wishes and concerns can be addressed as well.


Thank you for the response

So - is it correct to say that it is only possible to put a like on the most liked thread in these forums?

Is it correct to say that this same thread might (I emphasize might) also be the most disliked thread on the forums if dislikes were also tallied?


Not sure why you chose to ignore the words following “and everyone else”. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m not sure why Valkyrie or Resurrect on E exists then. Mercy quite literally was not reworked because of balance. Balance does not need to be clause when reworking her.

Following your logic, she would still need a rework. Lots of people don’t find her fun. That, according to you, means that Mercy is not balanced. If you’re insisting that Blizzard should make changes based on balance since it is a E sports business, you’ve just given us a reason as to why Mercy needs a rework.

Like I’ve said, I’m only talking about those who dislike her current state because she is unfun to play.

Ok? I don’t see how they’re relevant if we’re specifically talking about the large group who find her unfun. Those who find her unfun to play, including me, have and are still being ignored by Blizzard. You’ve yet to prove this to be otherwise and now you’re making strawman arguments.