#Don't bring Mass Rez back


What, where is invulnerability in their post? Pretty sure they were even against it


I never mentioned the Idea of Titanium.
He just made a suggestion, (which doesn´t sound THAT bad, but you just mention the buffs, not the debuffs, which sounds of course op then)

But take Titanium out of this and again the question:
Is balancing the old ult no option for you? Like just remove invul, add a cast time and LOS

I think he is talking about the invul the teammates get when they are ressurected.


But they cant even move or do anything! That’s more of just an oh hey for the enemy, get ready!


I disagree on the argument that there isn’t reworking mass res your still bringing back multiple people also using the power of hindsight if you were to place any conditions mercy mains would whine and beg till they got their idealized version of mass res


I don’t see how Hide&Rez, “Go die on point” won’t come back unless the cast time is incredibly long which defeats the purpose of Mass Rez in the first place. LoS and removing the invulnerability do not remove the option of Mercy hiding and swooping in to press Q still.

I’m fine with Blizzard changing Mercy as long as they don’t bring Mass Rez back.


Yea sure we just cant accept nerfs to mass rez :thinking: hmmmmmmmmm

You can balance mess rez and give her an e and call it a day.

theres many ways to fix the issues people had with it.


Mass Rez back for dead allies and 150 AoE Burst Heal for Mercy herself and living allies and invulnerability.

And that’s on top of a debuff ability to reduce enemy damage.

One has to be incredibly biased to think this is a good, balanced idea.


Ok, I count that as “no”.
Well my ideal version would be a “number dependent casttime”: You want to tempo-rezz 1 to 2 Teammembers = cast time almost zero (it is an ult again, after all). You want to rezz the entire team: 4 secs of cast time, so that it is harder than a 5 kill with mccrees ult


Mercy wouldn’t get invuln, 150 aoe burst can be brought down or even removed, cast time is another idea though it’d have to be rather short.

E ability is also something that’s moreso just an idea that can be fiddled with by numbers or replaced.

Theres plenty they can do to balance it out.


That would make mass rez useless, it would be impossible to realistically rez more than 2 people. With such iteration, Valkyrie would be a better ultimate I think.

Doesn’t stop Hide and Rez or any of the previous issues with Mass Rez, in fact it makes it worse.

A long cast time defeats the purpose of having mass rez in the first place.

You can’t balance Mass Rez without making it either OP or useless. Where are those ideas? All I see is people quoting one idea and sharing it like a Gospel - a broken OP idea.


I mean not really since people have been arguing about mass res for more than a year since its been gone they probably tried methods of keeping it back then but they didn’t work.

Also just because people present ideas doesn’t mean their good


Yup. I’m fairly confident the devs tested a lot of different options before removing mass rez. The reality is mass rez is an unhealthy mechanic and it promoted the Hide&Rez.


Literally not a single Mercy player wants “hide and rez” to come back and no we haven’t forgotten what it was like considering that we were the people playing her??? If anyone is advocating for Ult Rez to return, it comes with adjustments to make it so that big 5 man rez’s are next to impossible and tempo rez’s are the optimal strategy.

People are just so close minded that they just write Ult Rez off as “the most unhealthy mechanic in the existence of the game” and its absurd and they are completely unwilling to hear any discussion about it. That’s why the narrative around Ult Rez’s return isn’t going anywhere, people just refuse to listen to the discussion and state their opinion about the ult as fact.


First off, I respect your complete opinion, Mercy community can not advocate for fun and bash others for saying something is unfun.

My only point I LoS would have fixed the hide and Rez issue.

“She’s balanced” but definitely not impactful nor fun to play at all. If you can believe mass Rez is unfun to have(not unbalanced) then we can have the opinion she’s unfun to play right now


People: Goats comp is too hard to kill!
Also people: Bring back mass res!
Blizzard: Here’s mass res.
5 goats members die after a tough effort, Mercy comes from hiding and resses them all teamfight restarted
People: surprised pikachu meme


LoS Mass Rez doesn’t prevent Hide&Rez. Nothing stops Mercy from hiding, coming out of hiding and pressing Q. Or “Go die on point I have rez”, or Rez from spawn on 2 CP maps.

Nothing stops Mercy to come out of hiding and do mass rez. LoS only stops Mercy from rezzing from insider her hiding spot.



i enjoyed it. “everyone die on point”, and the other team “everyone screaming KILL THE EFFING MERCY” is more teamwork than we see in the game today.


I wasn’t saying I’d like it back, but just giving a point to how it could’ve been tweaked/tested

I’d much rather have some more power to Valk and call it a day


Can definitely agree to that.

You must be a rare breed indeed.


This is exactly what I’m talking about, people are so hung up on their hatred for the old Mass Rez that they aren’t hearing the whole argument. No one’s saying that LoS would fix hide and rez. What they are saying is Ult Rez with Los AND a cast time would stop hide and rez. And also damage reduction instead of the immunity from before.