Don't blame the Mercy Mains Flooding the forums

Do you all know why Mercy players hate the reworks other than Mercy’s not fun?

Or you just only know how to insult someone for picking their favorite hero?

I, and many others, hate the rework because it removed all of Mercy’s weaknesses. There’s no enjoyment if you don’t have any challenge to deal with.

Yeah , they nerfed her healing (which wasn’t really the problem) but kept the ability that made her a must-pick for a year untouched.

Honestly At that point I’d rather have Rez gone and replaced with something way more skillful than Just sit for 2 seconds in one position or Spectate your team while they’re dying.


I wish jeff just say mass rez will NEVER comeback so all revert mercy threads disappear forever.

I mean , their’s a minority of people that want Mass Rez back mainly because of Nostalgia.

While Pro Mercy players like Animetic and EeveeA has stated that they don’t want Mass Rez to come back.

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Animetic is not a pro lol. Also, they probably just enjoy a broken hero whilst the rest of us actually want balance.

But reverting her to Mass Rez won’t change anything , you know.

Other than more complaints…

Man , I just want Mercy to be enjoyable and more skillful, just to shut the mouths of all “Mercy takes no skill” claimers.

I want mass ress with changes though. This is what I want:

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Who’s asking for a straight revert with no changes? I think nobody does.
We need to weed out this point, as it’s getting real old and doesn’t provide nearly as much food for though as things like Titanium’s suggestion.


Well , I think I’m the only one (as a former Mercy main) who doesn’t want Mass Rez back into the game.

And I am probably not the only one who does not care :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, tell this to the Mercy mains on the forums who believe she’s unfun to play. They speak as though it’s a fact, despite “fun to play” being subjective

The issue is that you’re pretending as though “revert mercy” posts aren’t common. They are very common, but since the 3 of us won’t go and give you a specific number, you just blow the argument off. Which is why I’m just finna drop this discussion lol.

Oh you mean how you are speaking for all “Mercy mains on the forums” as if your opinion on them is fact? Funny how the pot calls the kettle black eh?

You are “finna” to drop this discussion because you are trying to prove your opinions on “revert mercy” posts as fact, and I’m constantly shutting it down. When data was given plainly to you about these “revert posts” not being the majority of Mercy threads (credit to Prisinence), you diverted the topic to “Look at how many mercy posts are on the front page! It feels like a flood!” because your previous remark of “revert mercy posts” was shut down with fact.

You won’t give a “specific” number, because it doesn’t exist. You have no data that proves your argument, just your opinion. I need facts. If you have no facts, your argument holds absolutely no value in terms of making generalizations. Maybe next time, you will take the advice of your peers and be ready to back up your argument with facts and data and sources to prove an actual point, instead of trying to make people assume that your “feelings, opinions, and rumors” are factual and spreading hate against a group of players based on “hear say” for no reason.

No, no. There is no need for the Mercy flood. Mercy is by far the most complained about hero on the forums, but she’s no where near as bad as other heroes. Lack of feedback isn’t an excuse as there is equally little feedback on other heroes, while their mains keep quiet.

I was specifically referring to mercy mains who believe she is unfun, not all of them as a whole.

But you really aren’t? Anyone who has said there are a lot of revert mercy posts, which there are- and that’s the general consensus, you plug your ears and request specific numbers. That’s not shutting it down, that’s being obnoxious. Even the megathread is filled with pleas to revert her. I’m not saying EVERY Mercy main wants a revert over a rework. But you know that there are a lot asking for it. You know that counting individual posts would take forever. And you know nobody is going to to do it. It just fits your argument, so I mean…

“The sky is blue!”
“But where’s your evidence?”

Not having a subforum is more than enough excuse for why such a flood exists. Don’t blame the community’s “hot topic” taking over the forums due to this websites lack of organization. People aren’t going to organize their website for them and suddenly stop talking about things they are passionate about.

Sorry, society doesn’t work that way.

Good clarification.

Your statement was

What data do you have that statistically proves this as true? Prisinence out right called you out on that and essentially called your claim a lie when they offered factual data with their stats. What evidence can you give that goes against their claim?

Also you don’t know me. You are not me. So your claim of saying “Oh! You KNOW that there’s a lot! Hint hint wink wink!” Is completely irrelevant and just you making an opinion without facts.

So I ask again, where are your sources that proves that there are “a lot of revert mercy posts?”

you know what, let me try something. Hang on.

Jeez acting like youre a bunch of intensely neglected children, like this is some great tragedy we should all feel bad about, its a video game, chill out and pick another hero.

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A subforum is a good idea. However, it doens’t excuse people complaining all day long.

The people making the threads are 100% the ones to blame. They could just not make the threads.

Not sure why you’re trying to bring society into this…? Society tends not to work with sub-forums either. In fact… society works exaclty the way it’s happening now on the forums.

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in about a minute to a minute and a half, I just counted over 50 posts asking for Mercy to be reverted in the megathread, and I thought I was done when i hit the bottom- just for my scrollbar to go half of my page. And then I remembered- there’s 19,000 posts. Which means there’s likely thousands of posts about it! If you want to act oblivious to the forums around you until someone gives you a specific number, that’s on you. But it doesn’t take supervision to see all the posts asking for her to be reverted in some form.

But, since I don’t have the specific number for you, feel free to tell me how I am wrong.

Haha, just saw this-
Just revert mercy back and put Valkerie on E

If my main went thru a rework and was warned on the ptr that it was going to be overpowered, costing 14 nerfs and almost a years worth of headaches, with people telling me that they’re finally balanced only a few weeks later they start screaming that my main is still op, I’d be angry too. It doesn’t help help either that all the threads that contained the M word were shoved into a black hole. I saw a couple of good posts like brawls pacify e ability to replace current ressurect or make rez similar to dead eye so it would more counterable . Blizzards gotta step it up and start communicating with people on which ideas can work and what can’t, simple remarks like’ hey this a good idea’ or ’ sorry this is to difficult to implement in game’ would go a long way. If they start doing that then I assure you these threads would be cut down significantly, but hey what can you expect from a small indie company ?

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It’s a forum where people have discussions. Everyone isn’t going to be sunshine and daisies about everything at all times. Sometimes people complain. That’s reality. People complain on forums. The Mercy posts aren’t being deleted, so apparently not even the mods think that they are just “complaining all day”. People make anti-mercy threads all the time and they get their point across and no one bats an eye. I think a handful of mercy posts about their unhappiness with the hero is completely excusable. Especially since there are no subforums and the Mercy feedback thread to post their feedback in is locked.

Or they could just keep making threads until they get a response. That’s the beauty of having opinions in a forum. Just because YOU don’t want them to make threads, doesn’t mean that your opinion is the right one. :smirk:

Oh? Give me a source of “society not working with sub-forums”. I am interested to know what factual data you can give me that proves your claim. Unless of course, you are just giving an opinion.

Your statement originally was

I asked what proof that you can give me that proves that revert mercy posts are common. You linked me to one forum about Mercy, and made references to the mercy feedback thread.

You still have not given me statistics that all of those posts are “mostly revert mercy posts”. You simply linked a few threads and hoped that I assumed you are right.

Spoiler alert. You are wrong.

Common by definition is: “Occurring, found, or done often; prevalent.”

I’m not sure if 1 thread and a closed megathread qualifies as a “revert mercy posts are common”. You were already proven with facts that revert mercy posts are in fact, not common. And you failed to give the numbers (because you have no numbers). Its good to know that even you are admitting that fact at this point.