Don't be fooled by them. Mercy is still a main healer and a good one

A player who only hits around 17% of their shots as Ana cannot out heal Mercy, it’s mathematically impossible.

This was your exact statement:

I provided the math which showed that Mercy’s healing still provided a huge benefit vs Wisnton’s damage.

Yes he “negates” her healing. Hat does not in fact make her healing useless which your statement implies her healing isn’t good anymore because of this situation.

Factually, you are incorrect. I’m not “copping with a trivial gesutre”. I provided fact based on your statement and scenario.

The math doesn’t lie.

He alone can stop Mercy healing a target. Add another damage source of any kind and you cannot heal someone as Mercy.

Exemplify that by putting any other hero in front of target being healed by Mercy. It is the same outcome, because Winston has the lowest damage in the game.

He alone does put damage Mercy’s healing. That is correct. Her healing doesn’t immediately become useless because of that. She still provides a huge amount of sustain vs his damage.

Winston+any additional source of damage vs any support healing one target will fail at sustaining the healed target.

Mercy provides more sustain with the easiest method of application compared to any other support. The trade off is she doesn’t do anything else during this time.

Again, I used your original premise.
You didn’t like the results I gave and tried to call fowl and now want to change the premise.

That still doesn’t change facts. Mercy still provides one of the best single target sustainable healing in the game.

I do however think her kit needs some changing. But harping about her sustian not being good enough when math says otherwise is just turning a blind eye.

Mercy is showing to be a perfectly viable support hero. She is just no longer a must pick as the support for a team.

Statistically, if you play her, you are de-ranking and if you play her in high tiers, you’re throwing. She is not perfectly viable at all. She is underpowered.


Ok. I see no further point in arguing this. You seem to agree with me.

If by quickly you mean 5 months post release and a month and a half post Ana release then yes, quickly I suppose.

Mercy is viable at lower tiers and loses out viability at higher tiers.

Part of this has to do with the meta that refined itself at higher tiers. Part of this has to do with her kit design.

Many would argue that Mercy should be useful at lower tiers and as player skill rises with ranks, Ana should be a more viable pick. Which is what is happening.

I still say if they’re going to use Mercy’s beta healing they should retry some of her rapier kit designs: making Valk her E and Rez her ult with the more recent changes they made to it. But that’s just my opinion.

I don’t think she should be in a place where she was. I would like to see her rise a bit in the higher tiers.

Bronze to gold, she has the 2nd lowest winrate. When you get to plat, she has the lowest winrate for this month. How is that viable, at all? Not surprisingly, it gets worse in higher tiers. Diamond to GM, she has the lowest winrate amongst the supports. In other words, my statement is correct. If you play Mercy, you are de-ranking and if you play her in high tiers, you’re throwing.

Part of this has to do with the fact that she most likely wasn’t overpowered before the heals nerf. Rather, she was just overpicked. Proof? The fact that her winrate wasn’t ridiculously high or low.

Is it though? In low tiers, she literally has the 2nd lowest winrate amongst the supports excluding Platinum. In Plat, she has the lowest winrate amongst the supports.

I’m all for Res as an ultimate but Valkyrie needs to go. It’s a disguisting conglomerate of ultimates that is despairingly boring.



Maybe ana DOES outheal mercy, but then again, Ana doesn’t have rez, spammable mobility which enables the ability to follow heroes that get verticaility, can heal through barriers, can literally fly, has a non ultimate damage boost, and rapid repositioning. All of those are things not afforded to Ana. Mercy can’t have all of that, AND relatively the same healing output as Ana.

Perhaps you are correct. She does seem to be on a downward trend. Given a couple of more weeks for a greater range of data will certainly tell the full tale.

I’m thinking my original assessment may be off regarding her kit design. I’ve been going through patch notand s concerning changes to Mercy. Certainly I still believe some changes were needed so that Ana could be a skill based pick at higher ranks, but Mercy should be viable as well.

The patch notes and changes to Mercy however seem to be more than adjustments in favor of allowing other Support heroes to rise up.

Looking at everything done since Rez was made a normal ability - it seems to me that the devs have been doing whatever they can to balance her kit around Rez. Which means one of two possibilities.

One: Rez needs to be removed from the game. If balancing her kit around it means making her a worse support because she can undo a key pick then perhaps the abiltiy doesn’t have a place.

Personally I don’t like this option.

Two: Take everything in her E related to Rez and put it back as her ult. Giving her a new E. Perhaps mini-Valk like she had in her original design. And return her healing.m back up.

However this has another issue:
Higher ranked players will gain ult and Rez more often than lower rank players, making Rez a more powerful abiltiy in higher ranks, in turn making Mercy more necessary (again consider her healing output being back to where it was). This may not be desirable for how the devs balance.

If her kit is being balanced around Rez and it were to be removed I would consider one of two possibilities;

New E: mini-Valkyrie
New Ult: Salvation: mass cleanse with Stun immunity for 10s. Note: does not affect slows or boops.

Or make Salvation single target version and place it on her E. If it is 10s then the cool down needs to be 25-30s.

A 5s duration could have a 20s cool down.

I refer you to this thread:

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Mercy 1.x’s pickrate fell off sharply in higher ranks. Why? Because mass-Resurrect became less valuable the higher a player climbed. Resurrect was easier to counter in those ranks.

Of course, back then, Mercy was still… semi-viable in GM despite that sharp falloff. At least, compared to now. Back then, she had a 4% pickrate. While this was lower than the other three supports at the time, that’s still a hell of a lot better than her current 1.7% pickrate over the past week.


Yeah I’d much rather see a new buff ability over giving Mercy a debuff ability. I don’t think they fit the nature of the majority of her kit. Outside of her pistol (something which isn’t designed to be of primary use) all her abilities have always been around supporting her team mates directly. And I think her should stay that way.

I mean, just because she’s a pacifist, doesn’t mean she needs to be a doormat.

This is pretty selfish, but I want mercy buffed up some so she is picked as much (not more than) as Ana so people will chill out on the whole “Ana is the most picked! Lets ignore all her weaknesses and skill floor and nerf her back in to the garbage can!!!” I want mercy more viable to save my favorite healer from the nerfs, selfish I know.

It isn’t about pacifism, it is about her kit design.
Her abilities are about supporting her team mates.

But let’s take a look at the proposed solution which is a Damage debuff.

It would be the same as providing. It’s healing to her kit.

Usin steiaght math a 33% Damage debuff on 100 dps sling with her healing at 60 hps would be like Mercy healing at 99 hps for those 4 seconds.

A Damage debuff is also not just a Damage debuff - it is an ult charge debuff. Something which would be actually very powerful for this game.

With a 10s coolmdoen after cast it is available every 6 seconds.

This would have a major impact on the game and would probably suit another (new) heroe’s ult abiltiy, not a typical abiltiy on a support hero designed around supporting team mates.

Heaven forbid Mercy isn’t the end-all, be-all solution when it comes to healing and people might actually have to switch things up in order to succeed.

Remember folks this ain’t Mercywatch it’s Overwatch and there are 25+ other heroes to play. Mercy is still doable but if you can’t handle it try something else-- maybe even another game~

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Funny. I was in the same position back in March of 2017. I guess history repeats itself.

That’s the blizzard way, the supports are doomed to switch the top spot forever it seems :frowning: I was actually against the mercy nerfs. I wanted mass rez gone like most people but some mercy players pointed out with all the new characters it’s easier to counter (hammond just rolls in a drops all those mines around the rezzed people) and line of sight and a cast time would make it better. At this point ill take back mass rez over what mercy is now.