Doesn't look particularly good


Not really thrilled about any of the changes in this patch.

Off-tank armor is a pretty small factor compared to the huge magnitude of main tank shields and this change does nothing to address that. It just relegates Brig and DVa a little further off to the side than they already are. Nerfing DVa’s matrix for the Nth time while Rein, Orisa’s, and Zarya’s shields remain untouched seems to wildly miss the point.

As for GOATs - when dive was forcibly shut down by the balance team, they never conceptually replaced it with anything, which created the environment that allows pure tank/support teams to dominate over DPS, who can’t compete with the combination of healing output and shield coverage. Reducing the survivability of the remaining divers in favor of the main shield tanks is only going to put the support characters in a SAFER environment - which is what goats thrives on.

Nerfing armor and making Reaper harder to kill isn’t likely to address any of this.

Reaper’s problem isn’t regeneration - its mobility and burst survival. He can’t get to a favorable position without using his ability, which leaves him in a position to get focused down very quickly. Regen is absolutely not the answer to this problem. If his self-heal is buffed enough to make him hard to focus down, he’ll become VERY oppressive and you’ll just have to quickly nerf him back into the ground. He either needs a larger health pool, or a short period of damage reduction where he can attack without being an easy pick. Nerfing armor just reduces one of the tools that can make him a little more effective (brig’s armor packs). Mobility is also critical for shorter range characters, and his frankly sucks.

You want to make goats hurt? Buff symmetra’s main beam dps against shields, or perhaps add a beam-sniper character that just ignores them so that they can threaten a shield-centered team behind those barriers. Buff reaper’s mobility and burst survivability (but NOT his sustain) so that he can reasonably get in AND out in some manner. Stop creating more characters like Ashe who are functionally useless against massive shields. Her one shield beating attack is literally the worst kind of attack ever against a team with multiple supports. Its like it was designed to grant opposing healers max ult charge without actually posing a threat.

Another approach is to consider nerfing stacked healing such that multiple healing sources can’t be focused on a single target (only best heal applies fully) or some such. This is something that Bliz team has never really wrapped its head around balance-wise, in either WoW or Overwatch - overstacked healing is both powerful and simple, and generally shouldn’t be encouraged. Splitting up healing sources would force a goats team to coordinate much more carefully, rather than just running around in a nigh invulnerable ball keeping the lead tank untouchable and able to act in a highly disruptive manner.


These are all reasonable changes and because they are reasonable we will never see any of them implemented. Blizzard do not seem to understand why goats happened. It would seem like they think: “oh Brig just gives everyone a bunch of armor and armor means tracers and such can’t burst a tank down in a single clip. Brig and armor HAS to be the problem”.

It couldn’t possibly be the fact that everything besides tanks have been nerfed lately could it? Now that the reliable tankbusters aren’t… reliable tankbusters.
When Junk got his projectile size and riptire speed nerf is the second goats took its first breath.

Then we have the support shift. Mercy bites the dust and becomes unusable at higher ranks because the TTK is higher than other ranks and now Mercy can’t sustain even a single hero much less a team, so we lost a big single target healer and the aoe healing got better… Lets thing who benefits from the aoe stuff? Oh the tanks who sit ontop of eachother. Now we don’t have those damage boosted DPS that could effectively deal with tanks any longer and now we’re in GOATS.


Yes, the focus on overlapping healing and AOE healing very much encourages GOATS style team compositions.

Powerful one-shot snipers like widow are another issue. Because they force most DPS to shelter ineffectively, and shields are the only active defense against them - which again greatly encourages clumped up formations like GOATS. It used to be that teams sent their diving off-tanks in to deal with widow and give the classical DPS space to fight in, but they’re now too vulnerable to the wandering blob of death that had been given so many tools to prevent said dive.


I’m not thrilled at all.
We’re heading right back to Genji not fearing anyone and going head first into tanks and win.
This is the worst idea they’ve ever had of a patch, and they sure got a lot of bad ideas, but this one takes the cake.