Does Sym need more Damage or more Survivability?

Do you think she needs either? I feel like the sym players out there are already fine without a buff in either department.

If I were to pick one though, i’d go with survivability.

wait… what if instead of survivability, she gets a hologram ability where she parks somewhere and controls the fully functional hologram just like she would herself, and if/when the hologram dies, she just resumes like normal (think junkrats ult when he’s controlling the tire). essentially giving her 2 lives. whoaa

I’ve seen hundreds of situations where my teammate should have felt that way. It’s one of those things that is much more impactful than noticeable… along with the other 90% of Symmetra’s kit.


What… the… Seriously?
There are so many issues with this, I don’t even think you really thought that argument through on how a flying Hero has no space restrictions on attacking a target on the ground underneath her. So I am going to let you figure that one out.

It is a sign you have youthful optimism and hate blunt reality.
Just not practical in any sense of the word.

If her beam has the ability to gain ammo + damage from shields with a maximum potential of 190 / s.

That beam is not going to be 20m. It is not going to be 15m.
At max it maybe 12m. Which means she is worse off than she began.

The reason Moria’s beam is 20m and infinite ammo is because it only does 50 damage per second. We are talking about almost 4x the damage of Moria.

I hear that, sister.


She needed more range above all, either that or a kit that allowed her to engage and disengage from combat more easily. The extra damage I think was to make her more consistent because of the removal of auto-aim which was tied to the range increase.

i see this only for mccree, soldier, and snipers, probably junkrat too
mainly because burst damage can kill her off without the barrier that mostly ended up as a short duration personal shield with a long cd
but yeah the barrier did in fact increase her survivability
too bad it wasnt good for anything else apart for those situational ult saves, that again, still could get someone killed off though B(

Not really. Moira has mobility, and at the same time she has self sustain tied to her weapon. If Symmetra’s range is any lower than at least Zarya’s then there’s no point to the rework. She has no self sustain nor mobility (the new TP seem to be more of a positioning tool than anything), and short range doesn’t fit a kit like that.

Your right, my biggest issue is the orbs themselves being extremely out of character. I rather have the old ones back with the speedup, lock it to full charge only if they are op. The biggest issues from people is why charge it to full and just plink away at health with lvl 1/2 charge? Solved by locking it at full charge.

Tp should just be 2 way so we could use it like a tp dance, since straight up the item gimmick is going to be pretty much useless (seriously, 2 peeps having to aim, both parties knowing the exit vector, and coordination beyond just saying ‘let’s do this’). Solved by just sending the user through, its wasted power. Making the tp 2 way solves the survival issue by giving us a tp dance and doesn’t hurt the opposition as much since if you miss ya hit the tp.

That looks like Paladin’s Ying.

I really like Ying, so that is cool in my eyes.

That is the problem her kit balances her short range.

  1. Extremely easy way to charge up to do insane damage. Infinite ammo against shields + increasing damage?
  2. Ability to move your entire team including the least mobile heroes like Bastion and Orissa to flank enemies from different ways.
    For example taking the high ground in Numbani on the right side
  3. Firing turrets at range that can do potential 50+ damage per second and slow

The problem is her kit is tunned to move your team around and create deadly traps to assist your team. The kit it self does nothing for her though to solve her personal issues.

You clearly missed the point. I am not referring to the space restrictions tied to the hero. I am referring to the supposed space restrictions you placed on Syms 30m per second projectile ( and by proxy Pharah’s).

If all the maps are not useful for fast moving projectiles how is Pharah able to take long HORIZONTAL shots and produce good value? Because you do realize she does not use them solely in the air right?

That is the argument you made and I answered that logical fallacy with a counter. So kindly stop side stepping the point to make it about another aspect of Pharah’s kit.

Yet again. A sign that you are trapped in the concept that she only has ONE WAY of fighting the enemy. How is a 30m per second projectile not a long range weapon? Why would Sym be locked to just using her primary if her secondary fire can do 130 damage per max charge shot and have the dexterity to fire faster for 75 instead?

You are only looking at what her PRIMARY fire can do while ignoring what her SECONDARY offers her in range. All because up until now Sym’s only means to fight was her primary. Which is CHANGING and giving her two fire modes for engaging the enemy with differing range. One for mid to close (primary) one from mid to long (secondary).

Her entire means of engaging enemies is improving in a huge way but you cannot see it.

I like how new Sym sounds so far, good slow/area control with her new turrets and strong against Shields(which remember is the current meta now, so she could shake it up again).

What I need to see when she gets out is how fast her TP goes down, can it count as mobility for herself, if it’s too slow and can’t be used as any sort of escape then I think she needs a defensive option. If it’s very fast(>1 second) to set up and go through then I think she’ll be amazing.

Her damage and range is being increased because the auto-aim is being removed, the auto-aim places a lot of restrictions in order to keep it under control and not be something overpowered for an FPS. So the removal of the auto-aim opens up a lot of things they can do with her weapon in terms of tuning. Her alt-fire is also being made easier to hit with to improve her ability to fight targets at range. So she will be like a lot of other 200 HP heroes who lack a movement ability: she will be effective at range and up close, and compared to some she will be more durable due to the natural shields which regenerate when not taking damage.

I think a big concern should be how long the Teleporter lasts. If it lasts for awhile it can be setup in positions so that like Sombra Symmetra would have places to fall back to. While it also like Sombra or Reaper allows for approach from odd angles, only her team can use it. She could place it and if someone spots it and tries to abuse it could think that Symmetra is going to pop out… only for a Brigitte and Roadhog to pop out.

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If pharah can’t stay in the air she switches off Pharah that is pretty much basic rule. But majority of the time is she in the air, and the most value she gets is in the air because the angle of shots.

That is the reason why Pharah is an Airborn unit and not a ground based unit.

Your statement lacked logic to begin with, as you failed to realize why Pharah was made an Airborn unit and not ground-based one. Also why Pharah’s that can’t fly in the air usually switch to a different hero to be useful.

You claim “logic” yet why are you not comparing the speeds of projectiles of other ground-based units?

  • Hanzo - 100 m / s
  • Zenyatta - 80 m / s
  • Junkrat - 40 m / s
  • Mei - 120 m / s
  • Mercy - 40 m / s
  • Lucio - 50 m / s

Also to help you out here, considering how most of these projectiles travel 3 - 4x the speed of Symmetera how often do they land their hits even with MUCH faster speeds? Ya…

She fires 1 projectile every 1 second at a much slower speed.

In order for ground based projectiles to be effective they need speed.
Since Pharah is in the Air she gets the advantage of hitting the ground around the hero.

Also because she is in the air, she won’t be in direct line of sight, so rocket angles may not always be seen. So her advantage is angles + visibility.

Symmetera gets neither of those, she gets a slower projectile than pharah and because of its larger size it is very visible. making it much easier to avoid.

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This is true, but it seems like they expect us to be on the high ground way more often than anywhere else. Just saying, that is what is implied here.

No, they wouldn’t have made her into a Tank destroyer just to keep her on the high ground that would make no sense with her kit at all.

It does, when you take into account that higher ground is more beneficial against tanks in general. So yeah, it does make sense. That leaves only 2 tank options to engage on your team/ you. That’s just another reason why Mei is good against tanky teams.

Your primary won’t have range to engage tanks.
Your primary is the tank killer.

She was designed to be in CQC staying close to her team, the only use for high ground is her M2.

Your secondary is replacing your primary damage output because it is WAY more spam, the primary is just going to be used more to defend yourself and punish out of place tanks. It is viably less useful than spam fire, which we are gonna use way more to split up teams. So no, we are going to be close to mid range, expecting to be higher up. Especially since they are pushing that the tp is going to be on a way less CD. We are becoming another spam bot.

We don’t know the range of her M1 yet, I think it’s probably safe to assume 10-15 meters on it though, and her M2 being similar to a grenade spam might make her just fine to help hold high ground.

She’s got a fairly diverse kit, there will likely be more than one way to play her especially the way she enables different ways to hold some points by TPing people to high ground.