Does support actually help anyone? Random Disconnects


Multiple disconnects, support just says to post a winmtr log, after you post it they copy and paste some BS response. You jump through the hoops and then its your problem.

The support is a joke. Is it a call center in India!!!

I pre-ordered warcraft and I foresee the same exact issues happening.

Then why are there so many people with the same issue, yet I have no other issues with steam or other games???

Blizzard upgrade your crap servers.


I am not a member of staff, only a forum MVP; I helped you last time. There were no hoops, just a request for the full test to be run. From our prior convo:

Since it is equipment in your home, it is your responsibility to investigate the cause, be it your own devices or those belonging to your ISP. Other games you play may not be sensitive to small packet loss or a little jump in latency, but Overwatch definitely is. Your problem will continue until you fix the root issue outlined above.