Does role queue beta affect MMR?

We need a clear answer , we dont want to try hard for nothing . If it dont affect MMR better do some qp to chill


The beta in no way, affects your next season’s MMR or SR. Been confirmed multiple times by Blizzard.


The only thing you get for it is competitive points. Nothing else will be recorded on your account after the beta season ends, from my understanding.

Official source / link to blue post please ? :slightly_smiling_face:


It is it’s own game mode just as arcade or QP so won’t affect comp MMR. Heck we don’t even get exp for playing it - it’s basically not even part of the standard game atm…

MMR was never confirmed by an official Blizzard source.

“However, beta season stats will only be available for a limited time and will not count toward a player’s permanent Competitive Season stats.” from Introducing Role Queue - News - Overwatch. People have generally interpreted this to mean that nothing, including MMR changes, from beta season will be kept. I’m not 100% convinced. As a scientist, why throw away all that data? As an engineer, maybe there is some technical reason that makes keeping the stats difficult.

Edit, Scott just answered this (MMR is kept):


Exactly. Here is text from OW news:

In an effort to give time for additional testing and feedback, we’ll be running the two-week Role Queue Beta Season from August 13 to September 1. Players can earn Competitive Points similar to other competitive mini seasons and qualify for Top 500 Leaderboards during the beta season. However, beta season stats will only be available for a limited time and will not count toward a player’s permanent Competitive Season stats.

We can interpret this in different ways. I could easily understand it as they will not change my previous rank to numbers from beta season, but they can use beta season MMR for separate roles to place me more accurate in proper season.

Yes we do, I’ve gained 10 levels so far and Role q beta is all I’ve played since it started.


They said no, but considering all the times theyve lied to us, i dont believe them. I think this will impact next season mmr

I stand corrected then. Didn’t notice gaining any levels myself but must just have missed it!

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Try hard to improve, then you’ll climb when it goes live : )

Yes they have, and by multiple sources, including a live interview with Jeff (Blizzard).

Show me 1 source or interview where they say that hidden MMR is not affected.

They said stats won’t transfer, they said your final SR won’t transfer, they never once mentioned hidden MMR.

SR is a reflection of MMR, so if beta stats which drive PBSR (SR) and MMR (from wins/losses), it’s logical to determine that moving up from plat to Masters during a beta, would mean that your placements start in Masters and not plat if MMR carried over from the beta (which it doesn’t). So you cannot just decouple SR and MMR to the extent enough to validate your point. Though, it does support my point.

The beta season does not count, at all, towards the actual season. Any growth in SR/MMR or loss, will be reset. The more reasonable question that exists his how much of a soft reset to MMR / SR will there be? Will it be like the PTR which was almost a complete reset? Or will it be like the live Beta which was barely any reset?

That is not an official response. It’s just from an MVP poster. They do not work for blizzard.

Do you have a link to an official source?

I didn’t ask for a “logical conclusion” from some vague data they gave, I asked for a clear official source.
MMR does try chase your SR, but there can be slight differences (even more so if you look at past decayed accounts). We have no info on how big those differences can get with normal play, so we can’t conclude anything.

The link you posted isn’t a proof, nor it is an official Blizzard source (with all due respect, it’s just a forum moderator, who does not work directly for Blizzard AFAIK).

Edit: And now that we have an actual official answer:

You can see that the MMR carries on.

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