Does nobody remember Mercy had 50 HPS for a long time before?


Just keep this in mind when you read posts about how she’s “ruined” now. It’s really pretty funny.


and there was probably a good reason it was upped to 60 HPS :shrug: so reverting that out of all things they messed up for Mercy doesn’t feel helpful


Didnt she get that buff to 60HPS because she was quite UP and a troll pick back then?


They buffed her to compete with Ana, because somehow the idea that a high-skill hero could land a bunch of precise shots and outheal the hero who just holds lmb was too crazy back then.

Obviously things have changed since then.


They upped it because Mercy wasn’t being picked and because she was mediocre compared to Lucio and Ana at the time.

Mercy was strong because she had three things which mattered during the Season 3 and 4 era… the Tank/Deathball Era. Guardian Angel, Healing and Mass Res.

If you can manage your team well you can solo heal them, but the meta back then meant people played defensively and a lot less recklessly which allowed her to manage healing a lot better with 50 HPS.

If things went bad… she still had Resurrect to compensate.

Now what we are back to 50 HPS, in intense games, Mercy starts to slip as she can’t keep up and Valkyrie does jack all as an ultimate to create impact…

Without Resurrect and without the extra 10 HPS… Mercy is just dropping back to F Tier. People will still pick her because she is required as a consistent healer… but sadly… this is just all an attempt to Drop Mercy’s Pickrate as the Pick Rate has started to rise again…


I could care less what the rate is. Blizzard refuses to acknowledge the real problem, rez. Period. It can’t be balanced. It’s OP or it’s crap. Get rid of it.


ya know the weird thing about 30 sec res. all you have to do to counter it is watch someone u killed for 10 secs. this is not as easy as it sounds, the enemy tank could do its job and push forward to command space, an ult could go off ,or the person u killed could have been protecting another target that is wide open now. honestly, unless I’m overextending to get a flank or just killed the off tank, res isn’t much of an issue. I really want to get to the heart of why ppl think mercy is op. I think she’s op because her kit has never been directly countered and she has ease of use. Above all else, I can’t understand why they would buff Moira’s healing at all. I suck with Moira and her healing always last me at least 2 team fights. healing through enemy barriers is risky anyway and I don’t see it done much except with dive. I’m lowly plat by the way


Well they buffed it up so she could compete with Ana and Lucio so…


This is pretty much it… which is why I find it so annoying when a MvP who has been destroying our team for the last 2 minutes by himself has finally died and I’m the only one who trying to keep Mercy away from him and everyone else is like YEAH!!! LET’S CHARGE IN!!! then I fail to stop the res and this guy just back up killing people…



She had 60 hps for longer now. And it’s one of the best buffs she’s ever gotten.

Nerfing her healing just makes her a res bot now. Wait a minute… I am having deja vu!

Removing res is too hard apparently.


I believe nerfing mercy healing capability from 60 to 50 will destroy the character.
With the power creep of dps heroes lately, nerfing healing is the last thing we need.

The real reason she is picked so much, even in competitive play is because she has ressurection.
They should either increase its cooldown or rework this to something else.


They say that everytime and she is still god tier since 1 year now


There is no dps powercreep that’s why only 2 of them are viable .
There is only healer powercreep with buffs and buffs.

And healee favoritism is real.


Is that why the damage dropoff got halved for hitscan heroes?


Clearly because Mercy heals to much and Brigitte’s ult just say “f you hitscans”


There is a dps powercreep. Hanzo rework is the most obvious. But also the fact that widow/hanzo are the best dps and instead of really nerfing them blizzard are trying to match them by buffing range on soldier/mccree and even mei. And those range buffs just make them better, still not hanzo level meaning, if blizzard want less hanzo they either have to buff the other dps more or nerf hanzo more. And it’s been long enough to understand that hanzo’s speed arrow increase was his biggest buff and yet that hasn’t been touched at all so it ain’t happening, hanzo is staying as the best dps in the game.

Wow, think before you speak. Range doesn’t do anything against those two (brig/mercy), range was buffed against snipers because hitscan couldn’t close the distance against the snipers before getting one shot. Closing distance against brig and mercy is the easiest thing in the world. Mercy doesn’t fight back, and brig actually does your job for you by running at you.

And mccree doesn’t care about armor, it’s extra 100 health (if ult) but the fact that it’s armor doesn’t matter to him at all. Soldier has more problems but he is very good at chipping it away if brig uses it too early. As for mercy healing, it only impacts healing on tanks which is a big problem because poor tanks already struggle with being cc magnets. For 200hps heroes whether it’s 50 or 60 it doesn’t f**cking matter, because everyone either one shots or two shots. I.e. mccree/mei 2-3 shot, maybe even 1shot with dmg multipliers. Soldier can two shot with rockets, otherwise track well if he can’t track and do dmg it’s his fault not that mercy is healing too much.


At least this nerf establishes a precedent for reverting Mercy.


They can’t decrease cool down… we had this discussion in Megathread 9 months ago.

Decreasing the Cool Down will only put Res back into a Tempo Res state and iot would become an ability Mercy solely relies on.

At the moment with the Handicap, Res isn’t an ability that can always be popped off so decreasing Cool Down is pointless unless you want noob Mercy’s to die at every res attempt.


I said increase the cooldown or rework the ability, not decrease.


Blizzard can’t balance game mechanics, shocker. Just look how they completely destroyed Symmetra and sombra.