Does Mei need a rework?

Well, here’s the problem: With the kind of kit Mei has, it’s very easy to make her overpowered. Her stun ability is her primary fire, for Pete’s sake.

And with all due respect, I don’t like when people suggest to make movement abilities slower when being frozen and the more you apply the freeze, the slower they are and blah blah blah… Does it all have to be so needlessly complicated?

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Eh, the entire character design is based around slowing and making use of CC. I don’t think there’s anything actually wrong with that, and even if she were to be reworked I highly doubt blizz would change that. It’s core to her kit and we know blizz is fine with there being CC in game.

What ideas would you suggest that would remain faithful to the character and her playerbase? She needs something she can focus on and be good at it. I think slowly reducing the effects of mobility abilities is a fair solution so Mei can feel useful. Characters like tracer would still do well against her, assuming the mobility reduction isn’t absurd.

Well, I would make it so that the mechanics of the gun are reworked, so that the icicle is her primary fire, and her secondary fire is replaced by an ability where Mei shoots a snowball out of her gun that deals slight damage and freezes it’s target for the same duration it freezes now (1.5 seconds). That way, Mei can do her job faster, and people won’t need to feel so much stress fighting her.

As for cryo-freeze, I’d remove it and replace it with a different ability that doesn’t suck. I hate this ability.

I’d also redesign Mei so that she wears something a little thinner, but still thick enough. Does she need to walk around in all those layers?

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According to the stats of an overwatch watchsite, there are only 15k users that tried out mei. Even brigitte has 16k people trying her. Mercy had about 500k people trying her out. I think the site was overbuff.

Do I really need to explain why an instant 1.5 second stun is a bad idea?


Fine, just remove her from the game then, because there is no way Mei will ever be good with the kit she has now. I’ve got nothing more to suggest. It’s not like removing her would have any sort of impact besides a simple, “Whatever…”

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Mei probably needs a remix.

As is, she can’t really fill the role of a DPS, or a Tank properly.

The biggest issue is that her Ultimate is very easy to avoid, very easy to block with Matrix/Reflect, and just slow in general, while also only really lasting 3.7 seconds. 2.4 seconds of which are required to actually freeze an enemy. It’s bad at zoning, bad at tempo pressure. Mostly ignorable.

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she seems good to me, i’m getting 4.1k Sr with her. Same as with the so called strongest character Tracer.
Maybe you just cant figure out how to get good value out of her abilities


With that kind of rework, I’d swap snowball and icicle.

The snowball would have to at least hit 2 or 3 times within a timeframe before the freeze, because that meand in one hit they’d freeze, making her more annoying than a mayhem Brigitte stun abuser (mayhem Brig has a 1sev CD on Shield Bash) and a CC abuse machine. So I would recommend the snowball would slow down enemy to half speed instead.

As for keeping the icicle secondary, the icicle hits hard and consumes a lot of ammo, just like a hajj arrow or McCree Gun shot, it can OHKO with a headshot. But that’s where I think a rework like this would hinder her more. I could only imagine how little use she could get from any clip size for just snowballs and icicles. I do personally think her current works well, but it is true she’s not getting in the way of high mobility users. They could instead increase the range to that of a Moira drain, but fussy could be considered, “too much.”

How exactly would you change her ult? It’s not completely useless.

As for design, she is based inn the Arctic, below freezing, she needs all those layers, so it’s fitting. Also she’s a pudgy little Asian girl, so she’s already suppose to have a thick design.

It has to do something to the problem… if it happens just in grandmaster… it’s a Problem of a Small amount of People… if it happens in bronze it happens to an unskilled amount of people… if it happens in gold it happens to the average playerbase.

Nah now mei is fine she is strong on every type of defense and even on some attack points

The problem with Mei besides her oppressive kit is that if she’s buffed to counter high mobility then she’s going to dominate anything low mobility.

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Please don’t mess with Mei she is fine now.
Biggest problem she has is ice wall, amazing when used right but sadly so many people use it to troll or wrong.

No - definitely doesn’t need a re-work but still in need of something.

I really want to see her freeze have some effect on movement / escape abilities.

E.g. locking them out whilst target is being frozen or increasing their cool-down reset timer if they are already on cool-down etc…

She should really be the ultimate anti-dive / anti-flanker hero - then re-work Bridgette to be more support and less CC / anti-flanker.

Makes total sense to me that a hero in the ‘defence’ slot should be filling that role rather than a support hero.

Things that absolutely needs to be changed are her losing her ult when it’s mid-air due to stun or dying, and iceblock not being instant when pressed, which makes her ability to avoid damage cumbersome.

There’s also little reason for her RMB to have such drastic falloff damage anymore - they didn’t want her to be a “sniper” in the beta and made it have both charge-up time and falloff, but there’s so much more shielding and healing now that it makes little sense to have her the only projectile character with such unreliable damage.

She absolutely doesn’t need any more changes to LMB, but the icicle should be a more consistent damage-dealer if she’s going to be a sensible pick.

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Yes and no.

Yes, Mei was originally designed to be an anti-mobility hero.

But the buffs she received were to make her a better anti-tank.

So basically do we have a character designed for anti-mobility, but instead of balancing her to fit this role, did they buff her to fit the rol of an anti-tank.

But I don’t think this is the reason why Mei is a niche pick.
As a hybrid tank character do I think that Mei will never be on par with DPS’ers and tanks. Compared to DPS’ers lacks Mei range, damage and mobility and compared to tanks lacks Mei health. I think this is the reason she will never be viable.

Absolutely ,they CANNOT make her meta in the current state because of how oppressive she is ,hard CC on a primary fire should’ve never made it to the beta ,let alone the full game.

Make it so enemy shimada bros can’t climb her ice wall. How the hell do they climb up ice anyway?

Take away the ability to build ice walls in spawn. No more Mei trolling.

Buff icewall so it A. has a shorter cooldown or B. Give her a second icewall. This will make her viable on other maps with multiple choke points and help her with her playstyle.

<— Grandmaster Mei Main

Personally, I don’t want a Mei re-work. She’s definitely the most underrated hero in the game, mostly because people just don’t know how to play her in order to have maximum impact. Her gun does 150 damage per headshot, and thus rewards people who are mechanically skilled. She is also one of the few non-tank heroes that leads team pushes. Her kit is unique, especially her Ice Wall.

Just because a hero might be considered niche by the majority, it doesn’t mean that the hero is bad. In Mei’s case, it’s the players who are bad. Contrary to popular belief, she has one of the highest skill floors, and skilli ceilings of any hero.

could use buffs to icewall probably as tgat really her only gamechanging ability.

unless they just want to make icicle shot more reliable.