Does hanzo really need lunge?

If they ever think about changing that ability, he should airwalk for 1 second or that could be for another hero. He is fine tho.

Lol you really thought you were proving something with this terrible winston play?

“How embarrasing”


What he trully doesn’t need is logs for arrows.

its not 10 M, thats 32 feet…

One need to remember that his reqork was meant to weaken him, since that damn scatter was so powerful. However, they created a even more vile hero to play against. The replaced scatter with spamarrow AND gave him leap. Now he can flee, engage and save himself while getting heroes down in seconds.

Everyone and their dog has sayd that the spamarrows should not be able to land headshots, but who cares about the community opinion when it comes to the most played dps?

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It wasn’t meant to weaken him. It even says in the patch notes that they wanted to maintain his damage but remove that instant tank kill ability. I’ll dig up the patch notes once I’m home.

Developers Comments: The goal of these Hanzo changes is to allow him to have new options and maintain his high damage output, while removing the frustration of fighting against the old Scatter Arrow. Hanzo is now much more mobile with his new Lunge ability, and with the combination of the bow projectile speed increase and the new Storm Arrows ability he can now deal his high damage more consistently than ever before.

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I am assuming this is a joke or something since those measurements are one and the same?

I think it’s ok to have some extra mobility imo, but then lower his damage, it’s a bit much having both

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By that logic might as well have it not on a cool down cuz all it does is a step lol

No one needs to remember that bc it isnt true. It was never meant to be a net negative change. It was always supposed to be something to get him out of trash tier.

Idiots on the forum still comparing Storm to FTH…

They are nothing alike, FTH has totally random spread, recoil, no control over each individual shot, 50 damage each, no headshot etc etc.

It is 10x more like a projectile version of McCree’s primary fire, in fact they are basically the same thing except one is projectile and fires slightly faster.

Onto the main question, lunge is not the problem…
For a hero that has zero CC or stun, his lunge is vital for him otherwise he would be far too weak against any dive heroes.

Hanzo had the lowest win-rate in the game before the rework (including GM), a large reason for this is that the only way he had to deal with divers is a YOLO scatter that would result in either him dying or the enemy.

The reason Hanzo is played right now is not because of his lunge, that simply makes him viable. Its not because he can 1-shot, he is not like Widow that utter domination over sight-lines and can’t 1-shot with consistency and on demand.

In terms of kills/damage, he is very similar to Soldier, McCree, Ashe etc etc. In fact Ashe for example deals both more damage than Hanzo and gets more kills than him.

The reason Hanzo is played and these heroes are not is simply for one reason, shield-break!

No other hero in the game is as good as Hanzo at shield-break while still being a good-pick once the shield goes down (except Roadhog but he is already being played). Heroes like Junkrat while very good at taking down a shield, once it goes down you would 100% more want an Ashe, McCree, Soldier, Hanzo etc.

If you really want Hanzo to drop out of the meta, make his Storm arrows deal zero damage against shields, I guarantee he would drop out of the meta instantly!

He already gets dumpstered by a lot of heroes when shields aren’t involved. Hanzo vs McCree at mid-range, if he doesn’t land that first-shot he is f*cked!

If Hanzo is a “sniper” than he should have good mobility, look at widow, she has grapple that can get her out of pretty much every situation by either grappling up to high ground or to her team. Hanzo’s mobility doesn’t even come close to hers.

The question: Does Hanzo need X?
Usually can be answered with: Nah.

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Personally, I say nah.

The only movement buff I would support for him is a general movement speed buff to the same as Genji and Tracer. Lunge is too much.


I honestly have no clue why they gave him this. He already has insane mobility with well climb and a huge damage spam ability for those who get in his face.


I kind of think he does, perhaps on a slightly longer cooldown though.
I like the reduction in number of arrows to his Scatter Arrow ability, but I think the problem is that he retained the size of his arrow hitbox alongside the speed increment, imo one of these two has to be addressed.

Hanzo is supposed to be a mobile sniper to make up for the fact he isn’t hitscan… Because a projectile version of Widowmaker would be horrendous.

Though he is still mildly overtuned even after the nerfs. But only because he deals 250 crit shots. So he’s kinda OK now.

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I read this as “Does Hanzo really need lungs?”

Ashe has coach gun.
Bastion has self-repair and ironclad.
Doomfist has rocket punch, uppercut, slam, and meteor strike, and temp shields.
Genji has swift strike, deflect, double jump, and wall climb.
Junkrat has concussion mines.
McCree has flashbang and combat roll.
Mei has ice wall and cryo.
Pharah has concussive blast, and jump jet.
Reaper has wraith and reaping.
Soldier: 76 has sprint and biotic field.
Sombra has translocator.
Symmetra has turrets, teleporter, and photon barrier.
Torbjorn has turret and overload.
Tracer has blink and recall.
Widowmaker has grappling hook.
Ana has sleep dart and bio nade.
Brigitte has shield, shield bash, whip shot, inspire, rally.
Lucio has crossfade, amp, wall rides, soundwave, sound barrier.
Mercy has guardian angel, regeneration, and valkyrie.
Moira has fade, biotic orb, self heal on decay, and coalescence.
Baptiste has regenerative burst, exo boots, and immortality field.
Zenyatta only has transcendence :frowning:

As far as self sustain, self peel and damage avoidance go, hanzo is pretty low on the totem poll. So yes he needs lunge.

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You don’t need damage avoidance when you output as much damage as Hanzo does. He was supposed to be weak to flankers and dive, but then they gave him storm arrows and lunge. Any weakness he has is the same weakness every other hero has, but the difference is everyone else has even more than those as well.