Does Dragonstrike Need a Nerf?

I’m getting pretty bored with it, too, but the reality is that it’s our own fault if we stay grouped up enough to let it happen. I’ve lost a few games this week where the enemy team absolutely couldn’t win a fight until they had grav/dragon, though, which gets old fast.

Also, since D.Va isn’t being used so much, there’s no reason for Zarya not to just throw it whenever she wants. Let’s use more D.Va and make her think twice about it.


Maybe allow shields to lower the damage? This game is designed around Ults they should not determine the win in a fight but they do. With all the CC in this game there needs to be a hero who can negate this ult. If Reins Ult can be cancelled by a fart so should other characters.

The symmetra rework will have a teleporter for the whole team to get out, so it will finally have a hard counter.


It would help if Hanzo had a real counter.

I doubt that sym can use tp in grav.


Are we seriously thinking about this? Never change Overwatch, Never change.

Dragonstrike + Graviton Surge has ALWAYS been ridiculously OP. The only thing is no one ever cared to play Hanzo enough and find out.

The only counter to this was Mercy’s resurrect. Now we have other healers so Moira’s Coalescence does a good job of helping the team survive. That is if you pair it with something else (like a Transcendence for example).

With Symmetra’s new teleporter you can get out of the grav, so maybe that’ll change things.


Found here:

She just has to be smart and not get grav’d as well.


I mean if you use sound barrier AND transcendence you can save your team. But that would require Mercy to not be in every game and Lucio to be viable

becareful the hanzo players will come if you say anything about hanzo and a nerf…

I’m joking dont take it serious lol XD

Dragonstrike is a pretty mediocre ultimate in general, I don’t think it needs a nerf.

I think there’s more of a fundamental issue with the design of gravitron (and its lack of counterplay).


Hanzo needs a nerf but not Dragonstrike.
The only thing related to THAT that needs a nerf is that Mercy damage boosting dragonstrike kills through transcendence. That specific interaction imo shouldn’t happen

They’ll probably just nerf Hanzo again and the meta will vanish.

It doesn’t kill through Transcendence, it negates the effect of Transcendence.

GravStrike alone is countered by Transcendence alone. If Mercy boosts the Hanzo while he is ulting, you can still boost the Trans healing via Ana’s grenade to outheal it.

But if only Ana was more viable.

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As much as I despised her at the beginning of her DM bot phase, I think that iteration of D.Va would be a somewhat viable pick in this meta.

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Grav and dragon isn’t even that strong. It’s the damage boost that makes it powerful.

The fact that Zen can negate Grav+Dragon seems a bit imbalanced alone.

The issue is Mercy is a near must pick for a year now. So she is always there to damage boost the combo.

Neither grav nor dragons are overpowered on their own, even in combo they are easily countered, it’s the damage boost that tips it over the edge.

The only nerf I could get behind is making it immune to Mercy’s damage boost. Maybe pair that with a buff to some support ults. Other than that, it’s already an incredibly lackluster ult outside of grav combos. I see no reason to make it worse.

I wouldn’t say Dragonstrike is the problem, it’s just Hanzo in general. Storm arrows can shred shields and even tanks, and he’s superb at short, mid or even long range (or better than any other damage dealing hero pretty much).

In Overwatch League, a competitve scene composed of the best players in the world, Zarya players still get huge graviton surges composed of 2-4 people. Do they make a mistake? Very unlikely. The real truth is that you can not always avoid this ultimate. Let’s say you have to contest point and all 6 enemy players are there. Or it’s overtime. You can’t just bring 2 people to the point if all 6 of them are there, because then those 2 players will get melted and die.

Also, do not forget the fact that has no way of defending herself against Zarya, meaning free ult charge until graviton surge is used.

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Answer is yes. Ult charge nerf and damages nerf.

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Oh, yes, one of the hardest to use ultimates is definitely in need of a nerf. I cannot imagine they balance literally anything else that causes the problem… It is Dragonstrike, the ultimate that you can sidestep.

They might as well just buff Lucio and Zen’s ultimates so that you can survive in a grav for free. Honestly, I just wish Zarya’s ultimate was actually the slowest charging. It is… at first, until she gets charge which seems relatively easy in this meta as I have been caught off guard more than a few times by Zarya having her ultimate before me. Back when I used old Hanzo, I could use 2 or 3 strikes before Zarya got her ultimate. Now, even bad Zarya earn it before I would be able to earn the third.

But Zarya’s grav could never be the problem with Zarya’s grav, as we already agreed to earlier. Dragonstrike is the real problem and the counter-play they are adding with Symmetta’s turret accounts for nothing because.