Does Competitive Mean Anything?

I have been playing a fair bit of competitive this season but despite all my efforts to try to win or use strategy and teamwork I still lose most of the time. I know someone is going to just be yelling skill issue and it is my fault but it actually isn’t my fault I keep getting teams where 1 or more people keep feeding or just throw the game for no reason. After dropping from masters to platinum up to high diamond and then back down to platinum and then back and forth from high diamond the platinum over and over again, it made me wonder if competitive actually means anything anymore.

Like I could literally have the highest stats in the lobby and be making the most impactful plays all game as support but still lose because it feels like my entire team is just not doing anything.

Just tonight alone out of the roughly 10 games, I’ve had at LEAST half of them just be a loss entirely out of my control due to someone feeding or throwing. I had a Doomfist on the enemy team just ROLLING us all game so naturally I asked if we could counter him, to which I got a bastion who kept powering him up every chance he got. Doomfist went about 35-5 by the end of it while everyone on my team (me included) was at least 13 deaths in just a 15-minute game.

That’s just ONE of many games where my team appears to be trying to lose and just doesn’t listen or coordinate at all. Pings, comms, typing, nothing helps them. All I can do is suzu them for less than a second more of time on the field before they just get themselves deleted and then wonder where the healing is while actively running in while at critical HP and wondering why they keep failing to do anything.

With teams like this being so common my win rates drop to sub-40% frequently what am I supposed to do if anything? Competitive just feels pointless to try in at all when games like this are so common for me. The entire mode just feels like a worse Quickplay. My efforts feel meaningless and my teams feel useless most of the time, but if I ask for us to try to do something better I get muted for weeks at a time and people try to do even worse to spite me. With people boosting or buying high-ranked accounts all the time (that’s the only reasonable explanation for this I can think of) what does Competitive even mean?

With all that said, is there any meaning to playing competitive anymore? With such a HORRIBLY imbalanced system in place right now I would argue there is no meaning to it and the mode should just be removed. There is no incentive to do well in Competitive anymore. There are too many boosted accounts from going from Overwatch to Overwatch 2 that rank became meaningless. Rank is no motivator, the points you get from your scarce wins are no motivator when you can just wait for end-of-season rewards. So what meaning is there to the mode? I honestly believe we would be happier with the game as a whole if Competitive was removed or at least had the current system entirely replaced because right now it’s one of the worst matchmaking systems in gaming history.

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Short awnser and the only awnser—yes.

You are used as a fodder for the game’s longevity. They know you would play. So they derank you so that you think you are better and continue to play. Put you into pathetic teams so that they create a never ending cycle of win lose.

Heck those naysayers white knights who defend the game. They are already better than their lobby so they climb.

I treat this game as a time waster. I just listen to my team mates. If they need heals I just heal. They lose and they can’t complain and my life still goes on happily outside the game.


It truly does feel this way, it’s almost like they don’t actually want anyone to try in this game or make any long-term effort in playing. I have been just using it purely to pass the time and just not caring about what anyone says or does. The less I care the the less I actually try the more fun it is, but the moment I want to actually try to do anything it turns into a nightmare of a game that is pointless to play.

If you want a ‘competitive’ experience I don’t think ranked has ever been it. The last few yrs of ow1 were just as bad ridden with cheaters or countless alts with fragile egos. You’d probably like pickups or scrims tho, it’s not terribly hard to find a community for them. Everybody tries and nobody is toxic, usually

Ranked is just the “mute voice and run it down” game mode now lol.

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Yeah, I can see that, but why even have a “competitive” mode if it is basically just quickplay but worse? Feels kinda pointless to have a mode that says it’s one thing but is filled with people just not caring and not trying at all. It just seems so counterintuitive and pointless to do and play.

As I said above the matches are just full of people not even remotely trying and people actively sabotaging games when you ask them to not do something so dumb even a silver player should know when they are in diamond/masters. So it feels pointless to even have competitive even be a competitive mode when quickplay is basically the exact same thing but with better matchmaking most of the time. If not that’s how it feels for me.

yea im with you 100% lol

when i play ranked it literally feels like QP except people get mad faster :rofl:

i wish they would just let faceit or someone else integrate a 3rd party MM system. it’s probably the only way anybody will weed out the trolls and losers. but they can’t, TOS forbids it

It never did matter. It was tacked on after release because it wasn’t ready because they originally never planned for it.

Competitive is literally QP but worse in lower population servers. At least during odd-hours. I know it sounds obvious, but do not play comp after mid-night, even if you’re feeling like playing Overwatch. The outcome of the game will be out of your control most of the time.

I mean even in higher population servers like any US servers it’s just not as well balanced as quickplay in terms of the matchmaker. I get FAR more competent teams in quickplay over competitive at any time of day, mid-day, just after most work hours, early morning, middle of the night, the time doesn’t matter.

It feels as if competitive leaves people more likely to get trolls, throwers, or incompetent teammates. Maybe I’m wrong on the larger scale. However from my experience, maybe 1/5 or less of my losses are even remotely my fault. Just leaves the whole mode feeling pointless to even play, I’ve gotten about 4,000+ points from winning this season alone in only about 60-ish hours of playing. But despite my best efforts I still can’t get a competent team that isn’t dying at LEAST once a minute. Doesn’t matter if they get immortality field or suzu or both they still die just as often.

Maybe for others it’s different but for me even in masters, NOBODY goes high ground, holds it, or even tries to contest it. Nobody seems to know how to play, let alone play well, and there is only so much I can do with a non-existent team as a support. Even with how busted some supports are right now I simply can’t do enough to help most teams that get thrown my way.