Does blizzard do anything about aimbotters?

do they ever ban aimbotters because ive see them a lot in game.

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big ol’ doubt…

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They do and will ban them they do better then most but to be honest the people that make some of these aimbots are very very good at it. Some get detected and some are so good at mimicking human behavior it would be hard to tell the difference. If they dont directly affect the coding of the game ie: one that just watchs the screen for lets say red outlines and move to generally were the head is and fires…that may not be detected by bliz as they cant put malware type software on ur machine to see all runing programs. But thats is were u as a player comes in and if u see something that looks like a aimbot…or looks fishy…report that person and let bliz sort it out. Note: a lot of higher rank people that smurf (ie: a masters player playing in silver) can and dos looks like they are aimboting when in reality they are just hyped up on adderall or just somehow naturaly good at aiming. So its hard to tell anymore cuz so many higher ranks do lower rank smurfing now a days…(anyone plat+ can be considered a smurf at lower ranks respectively)

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Just google stuff like

“Overwatch my account got banned for hacking”

And you can see all the schlepps having discussions about it on message boards just like we do on this one.

Yes, they do. Other things…not so much.

sometimes, depends how much money they spent on hacks, and if they don’t do stupid mistakes. I’m still hoping something big is coming soon.