Does anyone miss shield gen?

SG was more reliable wins especially on Control Maps, but I love the new ult it requires much more gamesense to use properly but feels much more fun to use effectively.

My bad. Soz

No problem, it’s a while ago after all.

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The pulse bomb nerf came out right before the sym rework I remember because I had some very confused tracer mains after they tried to ult my SG only for it to survive

Maybe the nerf went to live before the rework, but we definitely got the rework before the nerf.

Yea I’m talking about live


Sixteen characters


i hate her current ult. I also hate her teleporter. I wouldve rather had shield gen as an ability for like 5 or so seconds and you gain 25 or 50 shields in that duration. in other words, i miss it a lot.

i dont think its better than her current ult. i will say, however, that i miss her old photon barrier a lot more than shield gen.

Since health increasing allies is my favorite mechanic yes. Rip Sym, Torb, and Buffed Mercy surviving a Rein charge.

I do not miss Shield Generator at all, it wasn´t OP or anything but

“The enemy team has a shield generator”, "I think enemy has the shield generator…

yeah, thanks for repeating that like every 30 seconds

Her new Ult is at least better for saving the team vs predictable Ults. Shield Gen is pretty useless vs a team that’s even semi-organized.

Although it’s pretty crappy being a DPS character with a Support based Ult.

Shield gen was okay. The enemy team was either incapable of diving and we all got +75 shields, or it died two seconds after you put it down.

Still, it was a good move to upgrade to giving Symm 2.0 a choice of ults.

and now no one has secondary ult -_-

Sheild generator was a pain in the butt to play against, and made a lot of cheese strats 5x cheesier. Going up against:

Capture point B defense
Symm shield generator+Torb/Brigitte armor
And a bastion behind a shield

You may as well just leave the match early.

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I do miss it, but both have their specific uses and cases in which they work out; It’s fun working out which side of the wall a dva bomb is in, to then be hooked or booped onto the side you want to be in, in order to survive though :wink:

it was also the easiest ult to counter

Tracer with 400 hp


IF your team was coordinated and had common sense.

(cries in quickplay soloque)