Does anyone know where I can find PTR patch notes?


They haven’t updated on the launcher yet.

I just wanna know what the McCree/Soldier/Pharah/Orisa changes are.


(one would think with someone over 500 posts would know what the ptr section of the forums are)


Nope, only use general.
Thanks for your totally useful and constructive comment though.


I’m not sure, but from the looks of it Orisa’s spread has been decreased. Pharah has less splash damage but more damage on direct hit and a shorter CD on her Blast. Not sure about Soldier, but it looked like his damage or spread was improved? Don’t know anything about McCree.


I got you.



I will give you the abridged version.

Damage Dealers are getting buffed…again.

Supports, one is getting nerfed…again.

Tanks, not much to see here.

Same as always.


Shhh, when you say it like that it ruins the “95% of the forums are support mains and dictates the balance” that some have going. Not cool, they spent many nights writing that story and I’ve only just started it! I still wanna see if Mercy did kill Ana in season three…


All of the changes outside of Pharah and Torb are only bandaid patches sadly.


McCree getting time shaved off of combat roll isn’t just a band aid when you add that to the damage falloff penalty reduction, oh and the ultimate speed increase.

Soldier 76 having his maximum spread attained with 33% more primary fire activation, and his damage falloff penalty reduction. Not really a band aid fix.

Blizzard is slipping closer and closer to making Damage Dealer heroes the only heroes who will be played. Make the time to kill any shorter on tanks and no one will play them. Tanks and supports are symbiotic. Without a tank your supports do not survive, and without support your tanks don’t survive.

Glad I just started to play Warframe. Looks like I will be spending much more time there.


Doesn’t change the fact that his flashbang is by far one of the most inconsistent abilities in game. Or that roll is used only for the roll and provides no survivability or mobility.

Also its ironic that you bring that up while talking about McCree, who needs both a tank and a support in order to stay relevant.



Let me be super clear. I don’t mean to take any frustration I have with Blizzard’s balancing on you. Over the last 13 years I have purchased and played every Blizzard game there is. 10 years alone was spent Raiding in World of Warcraft from Molten core all the way up to Argus. Overwatch is the last Blizzard game I have installed on my computer and with this patch, when it goes live I may finally decide to put Blizzard in my rear view.

Tanks and Support, in my opinion, have been becoming weaker and weaker all around since the patch after the one that destroyed McCree to begin with. I won’t argue the changes on either side as it is fairly pointless. My opinion will be mine and yours will be yours. All I know is the game is getting so damage driven it isn’t fun to tank or support anymore, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.


I agree with you there, that the damage numbers are becoming a massive problem. But this is only reactionary to the huge spike in survivability and mobility which forces more damage. One of the two has to give eventually and I’m worried Blizzard doesn’t know how to handle it.


OP, for future reference, you can find PTR patch notes by going to the PTR tab on the launcher and clicking patch notes at the bottom.

(Wow, I now realise how sarcastic that sounds. I’m genuinely trying to be helpful lol)


No worries haha, I did try this but they haven’t updated yet (they’re still August notes)


Oh, strange. It works for me?


Oh? They’re from August 30th for me… (I’m in EU so it may be cos of that?)


It could be region-based, that’s a possibility.
Maybe your launcher didn’t update automatically or something?