Does anyone have an idea on how to fix Smurfing?

I’m not saying you did I just felt the need to reiterate my stance wasn’t a perfect one that could be ironed out

Let’s just agree that we view Smurfing/throwing differently :joy:

I like this expect for the part where you say it’s not to eliminate smurfs. Because frankly that’s kinda what everyone wants first. Get rid of smurfs. But also yes make it much harder to pull off once smurfs have been eliminated, then yes make it harder to actually do it. I just think that both parts are needed because if people still have the Smurf accounts then it will still happen

I’m not disagreeing, but we have to start somewhere

Unfortunately you can’t do much to “get rid” of the problematic smurfs by virtue of their existence. No real way to identify a smurf account compared to someone who performs inconsistently. However the truly problematic smurf accounts (the ones that are toxic players or that hard throw, either to stay low or if they don’t get their way) those will be dealt with naturally for those behaviors.

Making smurfing harder is kinda the starting point no matter what. Make the accounts harder to replace then start eliminating them. Do it the other way around and they’ll just get replacements.

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it’s not comparable, basketball has integrity to it and you can verify credentials.

Ladder in Overwatch… is not something that should be taken very seriously, you should play it mostly for fun and climbing is a secondary feature to having fun. If you are serious about OW, join a team and do scrims I guess?

Anyway I admit smurfing is a bad phenomenon I am NOT endorsing it but I see it both as inevitable and currently a problem but not enough of a problem to prevent enjoyment of the game. I would rather go vs 1-2 smurfs 500 SR above my SR than having thrower tanks or supports in my team.

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That’s a one-time thing. It’s not like you have to do it every day.

I know, but it works pretty well and it’s used by Windows and more expensive software. If you upgrade your graphics card, you need to re-activate, which is okay and done automatically, but if you do that like several times in a row, Blizzard will contact you and ask a few questions first.

If I wanted to insult, I wouldn’t use words “can’t learn”. Some people simply don’t want to learn and that is fine but it’s not really fair (just like smurfs aren’t) if one is not aware of that fact or any of handicaps that one might have and claim that smurfs are problem and Blizzard should do something about them which usually means blizzard should find a way to get rid of them so that people could “learn and improve” when playing against players on same level.

If you are playing against players on same level, you cannot learn how to be better because players of same level provide what you already know. Smurfs provide shock effect and whole new level of playing and as such, you learn from smurfs.

We simply wouldn’t know what means being a great player if there weren’t any smurfs. Just like we wouldn’t be able to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs without Jean-François Champollion. Some one has to show it how it’s being done.

That’s fine.

Just curious, what do you consider throwing? Do you feel a smurf is incapable of throwing, or do you believe a smurf existing implies it has at some point had to throw games hence it is its own separate definition. Your definition isn’t quite clear. Confusing even more so because a prior post you did reference that smurfs can and will throw to maintain a low sr.

There’s a huge difference between a bronze player fighting a silver player and a bronze player fighting a top 500 player. In the latter case, the bronze player learns absolutely nothing. He’s just beaten to pulp and has no idea why.

I know. I have 10 years of teaching experience.

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If you can figure out how to fix smurfing, you will be well on your way to emptying America’s prisons, since the offenders often have very similar mentalities: They don’t recognize you as a human being, or just don’t care. Best of luck out there.

Its almost always the same account doing both. You cant smurf until you properly derank/throw. That way you ruin the game for 11 other people in both directions. These people are sick and derive pleasure from other people’s misery, otherwise they would just play vs AI for nice easy wins with whatever hero they wanted to play.

Why not place them at 4999 and let them drop? Low ranks already have enough turbulence with throwers/smurfs. Maybe the high ranks should get a taste.

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Neither of these are necessarily true. The highest I’ve placed a new account is low diamond, though its usually high plat. I’ve even placed gold before.
Placements don’t work.


That’s like me, a 300lb man, entering a junior white belt karate tourney and punting them across the mats.

My fault for being a ginormous dick?

Or their fault for not being gud enough to beat a massive adult? After all it’s giving them a shock effect and they get to “learn from it”.

I have a lot more respect for the smurfs that just outright admit that they’re d bags that get off on bullying people, and don’t have this wishy washy crap about it being “good for the lower ranks”.


I never mind the smurfs that are doing unranked games. It’s the ones that purchase pre-leveled accounts or accounts in bronze. Or throw, is the problem.

You may have been replying to the wrong person. I didn’t mention placements in my prior comment nor was I attempting to come across as making factual statements. I’m asking about smurfing and throwing. Not stating anything.

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I think most people don’t really care about diamond players dealing with smurfs, since they already have to play with masters+.

The real issue is 3k+ players smurfing down in silver/bronze.


i may have misread the situation. i did only briefly read it but it came across as you believing that the only options for someone smurfing was one and the same or at the very least a byproduct of throwing. witch is only true some of the time. if i did misread the situation then my bad.
i wanted to bring placements up because i have been an involuntary smurf a good amount of times simply due to the fact that initial placements are a joke.

that makes it less of an issue? all it really means is diamonds get actual gm smurfs, not those who pretend to be gm when in reality they are just plats who got their mains banned.

i really dont think you understand how much of a minority that is, the amount of time needed to throw that low is such an investment that its not worth it.
bronze to gm challenges are the most common form of that kind of thing and they are only ever in bronze for a few games, its not great but its really not as bad as you seem to think. pbsr play does its job of boosting significantly better players. i think the system is kinda bad but thats a different topic.

id argue that overwatch has less of a smurf issue than a game like cs. in cs, a single person can win a game, but in ow, a single person can only do so much.

actually, generally when I “smurf” (I never throw so I guess you can call what I do placing unranked accounts really?), the people who throw my games are ALWAYS hardstucks. Hammond OTPs, Mercy OTPs, people playing Hog into 2x barrier… stuff like that.

A low level acc throwing a game is like a 1 in 20 occurrence, it’s generally hardstucks who are too stupid to understand they are throwing.

I agree that there is a huge difference but it isn’t pointless, it’s quite valuable. A teacher with 10 years of experience would know that. A teacher with 10 years of experience wouldn’t assume that every bronze player is flat out dumb idiot.

I think you missed a part where I said that there is huge difference between physical ability and mental ability. In real sport, you need physical abilty and mental ability to be top player and Overwatch is not 1v1 game.

In Overwatch you just need mental ability to learn. Rules are same for everyone.
I don’t have respect for people that have excuses for their outcomes.

you probably could shut down one single smurf. but typically they carry their low level friends, that buff them and use vc.

try to 1vs3 as a support lol :joy:


Not true. You need reflexes. Why do you think all the OWL players are in teens or twenties? I think there was one player who was 26 that everybody spoke of as an honoured elder.

I did have a link to a study on reflexes during ageing, but I can’t post the link for some reason. But it’s fairly standard knowledge that ageing slows down reflexes.

And even if it was an even playing field for all players, players are customers that have paid to have an enjoyable game. And getting dunked and spawn camped by a vastly superior player, with far better machanics, doesn’t equate to that.

Truth is that the devs just haven’t given a crap about it for years and claimed that their amazing matchmaker sorted smurfs super quickly, and that it was super rare.

Oh, look what’s happened to the player base… Fallen out of the bottom as bronzes fed up of being dunked by smurfs, or plagued by leavers or toxicity or throwing.

And the enforcement is pathetic. Noted one smurf duo ruin over 100 bronze games. I saw them on video. They were super clever about it. On Overbuff they had super high 1% stats, which allowed them to stroke their e-peens about how elite they were, but they also knew just when to go afk so as to make their team lose, for 33% win rate.

While some people are of the frame of mind, “Well, I got to GM, so can anybody else, so screw those bronze (female dogs) and their moaning”, I’d remind people that this is supposed to be an enjoyable matchmaker with fun to be had for all ability levels.

Not just a cess pit where the good players can piss on the heads of the not so goods.

Doesn’t really incentivise people to carry on playing does it?

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On the idea of phone verification, one phone number per account isn’t that helpful. A better idea is to require phone verification, but allow multiple accounts to share the same phone number. If an account is banned, every account using that phone number goes.

A month after you’ve implemented it, do an investigation of characters that share a phone number(software or manual), and if evidence of SR altering or cheating is found, ban em all. Boom, now if the person wants to smurf they not only need a new phone number for their new smurf, they need a new phone number for their new main as well to be able to keep both.