Does anyone have an idea on how to fix Smurfing?

The simplest way is to stop rigging matches.

Randomly grab accounts, mix them well, and ship quick matches. Match intensity averages out to the population average, and you sink/swim against that. Smurfs can’t do anything now because the matchmaker stops looking at people’s SR. SR is just a number on your profile that shows your longterm win/loss against a random backdrop.

Fixing smurfing completely is a million dollar prize that solves all of esports. I have solutions but lmao Scott isn’t getting those for free.


You can’t fix smurfing, people that want to smurf will always find a way to do it all you can really do is change the way you think about facing smurfs, I understand that having your team torn apart by an obvious smurf can be extremely frustrating but it’s not something that’ll ever stop happening so I just started viewing it as more of a challenge, when facing an obvious smurf I do one of two things, if I am stacking with friends or just happen to have a very cooperative team I’ll try to figure out a way for us as a team to shut them down and in those cases where that smurf is getting so much value that it’s basically just gg go next I’ll spend the rest of the game practicing my matchups against that hero bc even tho I’ll probably get rolled most of the time I can still learn much more about certain matchups when the player I’m 1v1ing is significantly better than me than if that other player was of my own skill level. Something something if life gives you lemons make lemonade or so


This cannot be used because it is too late for that. People already have multiple accounts.

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So players will have to choose one competitive account and all the other accounts become quickplay.


As I said, secondary league players are not in same physical condition or mental perception as primary league players. All those players depend a lot on their physical training and practice and even then, it’s questionable if they are going to go to primary league because their mental perception could not be worthy of primary league.

In Overwatch, all you do have is practice and mental perception. You have same heroes as top 500 players do. Smurfs are great way to practice. You learn from better players than yourself or well, in case of you 2, you don’t.

I am telling you, it is already too late for that, they cannot force people to use one acc for phone number after they allowed multiple accounts.

Not to mention one important thing. They are not against alt accounts for competitive. Problem are people smurfing. Changing how placement works + some limitations for entering queue might help with smurf issue.

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Incorrect again, same thing happens in football, both teams have a goalie, etc. Each team tries to apply different strategies to benefit them best, it still doesn’t mean secondary league teams can play with primary ones without ranking up first.

Also that last sentence was just unnecessary and unhelpful to the discussion, if you don’t have any arguments to give don’t resort to insults please.


I mean idk, smurfing never held me back from climbing. Yes you will lose the occasional game here and there, but let’s say you are like 2900 SR, your true SR is 3900. To climb to 3900, it might take you like 75 games at 75% winrate or something like that. Due to smurfs this might change to 90 games required at like 60% ish winrate but the bottom line doesn’t change, if you are better than your rank on average, you will climb.

Smurfing is just something that creates a bit of perturbation here and there and doesn’t hold good players from ranking up. Everyone ends up where they should be, if smurfs disappeared tomorrow you wouldn’t magically start climbing if that’s your question.

edit: I should specify that for me smurfing implies never throwing a game… merely creating fresh accounts that’s what I call smurfing. Throwing is reportable.

Sure, completely remove anonymity and only allow 1 account to enter competitive mode where you have to attach a government issued ID to.

Leaves you with a ton of privacy issues tho but I’m sure the smurf problem’d go away pretty quickly :wink:

It needs to be more of a chore to play on multiple accounts, or more of a benefit to play on a single account. Gold weapons provided that benefit for a time, but no longer.

I don’t care about smurfs who stomp. They don’t deserve any attention, don’t feed their frail egos, they made the smurf just for ego boost. I care about the moment they start throwing because something isn’t going their way immediately. Or those who just throw 100% of the time.

I don’t want to be ‘‘carried’’ to a win I don’t deserve. Neither do I want a win that happens only because the smurf on the enemy team decided to go on their period and is now throwing. There is nothing positive about smurfs. Well, they make money, so nothing positive to the playerbase.

Sadly they won’t ever be gone. Just don’t feed them any positive comments about ‘‘carrying’’ :slight_smile:


i can go to any shop and get a sim for less than £5,

see above

pbsr is a joke anyway

this promotes smurfing

this promotes boosting

what exactly does this do? it doesnt change anything

this again, really doesnt do anything about smurfing. or leaving for that matter. most people leave and call it a day, it only really punishes those who didnt purposefully leave.

no, it really wouldnt. it would cost £5 more and thats about it, hell you even made it easier for them to stay low.

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It does mean that both TOP and WORST team in SAME LEAGUE will play against each other and it’s inevitable. But yeah, secondary league teams cannot play in primary ones, not all of them at least. Only top ones do. Smurfs that is.

Also that last sentence was just unnecessary and unhelpful to the discussion, if you don’t have any arguments to give don’t resort to insults please.

Whoa geez, you are easily offended. Continuously trying to justify that “smurfs” are problem because you can’t learn anything from them is not an insult. It’s just an observation.

The vast majority of the people think this is way too much work. People are generally lazy. Combine it with a hardware ID as is done with expensive software (Windows does it too) and it’s even more waterproof.


It’s not an observation, you were clearly insulting and now you’re giving excuses to such behavior. I do agree that the top team of one tier and bottom team of another will play against each other, but that’s just like climbing up to the next rank, the more you climb the closer a person gets to the next rank, so they will play against higher ranked enemies.


10 matches of quickplay to test your connection before doing comp? You realize people have jobs and lives right?

For lots of people playing 10 matches would be enough time as is for playing.

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there’s nothing to fix it’s working as intended…as in its more money for blizzard


Yup. As I mentioned earlier, I think we should be increasing psychological barriers to smurfing. I mean If you’re going out to buy 5 sim cards and registering them you’re probably an Overwatch addict and probably shouldn’t be Overwatching. Is there a term we should give to Overwatch addicts? Overdicts? OverAds?


Hardware id is a touchy area. Pre owned parts preventing you from playing a low cost ‘esports’ title? That’s a big yikes.

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Junior sports competitive basketball team plays their games with a college basketball player on their team… same hoop, same basket…

That team is cheating, guess those other kids gonna lose, but should just “learn from the best”!
Makes perfect sense.