Does anyone else think Widow is balanced?


I love her, she has the cake, she has the kit, she has the skins. I just love this hero man, I can’t play her to save my life but I love asking for a widow before every game.


She’s overpowered, but not by a huge margin.


Yes, WidowMaker is a character that is perfect in every way possible.
I’m terrible with her, but i love her so much (i Even have her Golden Gun, also, God bless Chloé Hollings for her voice acting on WidowMaker)


widow has a unique style that none of the other heroes have.


Yes, she is balanced. She is insanely hard to play on higher levels but once u master her, she has a giant impact on the game. That’s exactly how the game should be, you should have an impact based on your skill.


I don’t think she’s overpowered. She’s one of those heroes that are as good as the person that’s playing them


i think ppl like her because she counters mercy. mercy is the absolute opposite skill wise, and you cant heal something thats dead. mercy is still more op than widow.


I think they counter each other, Mercy can ressurect Widow’s pick every 30 seconds and widowmaker just shuts Mercy down because she can one shot and you can’t heal that.


I hate her. Every other game for me always has some Widowmaker (or Hand Soap) on the enemy team dominating the entire match because there’s absolutely nothing you can do against a good Widow except get a better Widow on your team


Her only negative is too many potatoes want to play her. Good widows teach good positioning the hard way. Bad widows lose the game for their team.


Bullsh*t. Get a Winston and a D.Va diving her together, get a good Genji or a Tracer. Sombra is an absolute nightmare as a Widow.


Hey, hey, just keep practicing kid. You’ll get good with her eventually!


This. I absolutely love the Widow-Sombra counterplay. One of my favorite things is dueling Widows high above our teams. Keeping a Widow so focused and paranoid she barely has time to scope in on my team is a blast. Then she pops Ult and makes Sombra useless for 15 seconds.


I do, she seems fair, I never get upset at widow killing me.

It’s isn’t spam, it isn’t Hanzo shooting at a different target, missing them, and killing me.

It is just me being out of position and someone with the skill to take advantage of it.

It feels fair.


Ya know what I like to do when someone tries to counter my widow? I pick D.Va, Road, or Winston and hassle them every time they dive her.


i think ppls widespread appreciation of widow stems from the fact shes a strategic hero not a dumb button mashing click holding one.


Then you have a tank away from your frontline and a Widow that can’t shoot at the enemy backline. Which results in a 4v5 - a very winable secnario.


No, no she’s not.


She’s very close to balanced. Maybe slow her down a little bit more while she’s scoped in and make it so her rifle doesn’t charge to max damage quite so quickly and I think she’s there.


Balanced? Yeah.

Completely annoying and disgusting to play against? Also yes. :stuck_out_tongue: