Does anyone actually throw for Priority passes?

No matter how you look at it, throwing for priority passes instead of just trying to win for them is highly inefficient.

Even if a thrown game only takes about 1/2 or 1/3 the time of a real game, you are only getting 1/6th of the passes you would get if you actually won. So it is just an extremely bad tactic to get passes

I personally haven’t really experienced many problems with flex queuers throwing so i find it a bit hard to believe this is such a major problem


It’s not a problem from what I’ve seen. And most of the people I’ve seen complaining appear to be DPS mains that don’t want to flex. I think that they are just salty that someone is getting in front of them.

The only thing I think is happening is people are playing roles they aren’t familiar with and they have to learn those roles. Between learning new skills and the matchmaker learning their skill level on those roles, this will all sort itself out soon enough.

There has been a lot of criticism, some of it fair… some of it knee-jerk reaction without adequetly playing. That being said, we know the devs are carefully watching and listening, otherwise we would not get the announcement post from Community Manager Josh Engen like we did. In any case, I still want to see how the match making smooths out over the next week or so. Right now with the Christmas holiday we can see a lot of new players possibly showing up so there is going to a lot of chaos and not all of it can be attributed to the new system.

Yes, exactly, and it is annoying.

It’s a good thing though, they will eventually improve from playing so many tank games. It’ll be nice having the majority of the playerbase actually able to play more than one role.


Fair enough, I had to go through that phase myself. From garbage tank that had no idea what I was doing to, well, same rank, but my knowledge is much better. :triumph:

I never really climb when I improve. I peaked as #1 psn McCree and STILL was plat. Just like when I play a hero I do not know how to play. I am the plat God. Always improving, never growing.

I mean, personally I try as hard as I can, but I don’t really play tank, so my soft throwing is inevitable. But, the more I play, the more I learn, so there’s at least that.
(Plus Zarya and D.VA are really fun to play. And Sigma is pretty interesting too.)


They’ll learn though. Give it a couple of weeks. They’ll either improve or drop rank/mmr and you won’t see them anymore.

I’d be surprised that someone would throw for them considering how freaking easy they are to get. I’m at 40/40 and I haven’t even gone out of my way to get them.

Not really in every game, but yeah I have found at least 7 guys (tanks) just afk or feedin so bad like trying to end the match as soon as possible


No one in their right mind would throw and get 2 passes when you can win and get 6.

Are you sure about that? I’ve seen plenty of throwers in bronze. They don’t care about winning as tank or support they want faster dps queue.

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I throw…

…my all into every game that I play.

Does that count?

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I can understand why some might believe there are.

Seen more long distance turret’s then I have since release.

I can’t say how pronounced the problem is through other ranks but it exists, as a gold player I can confirm I have been in lobbies with tanks that way in chat they are throwing then proceed to use a macro to stay “active” and just stay in spawn shooting walls

this topic wouldn’t exist if no one did

also this topic would not exists if devs would have any grade in terms of understanding how ppl would abuse that. “Look but don’t touch” is not working novodays.
Just b. in a nutshell compared to others: A guy who was leading OWPD (stats5 site) was sole fighting against hackers in this game, he said, b. if you would not take actions I will reveal actual cheats into comminty which will hurt this game even more (desperate threating i know) but he’ve got picked up by Valorant devs to evolve their anti-cheat system instead. That is how it work guys, not like this you do. You make such a nice games, I am playing blizzard games since 1990’s but these flaws you let it be is just unbearable, and the funniest part, that you make your comminity being punnished for own mistakes…