Does Ana need buff(s)?

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and some characters.

Yeah, the pick rate, even in ranked match it’s not that high.

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Short answer, yes. Hard answer, the DEVs are only willing to look at buff proposals that neither give her mobility or improved self healing. Those are her defined weaknesses.

Another thing to consider is that many fear her return to efficacy. They think it spells a return to having a tank meta and subsequently are perfectly fine with her being as weak as she is. You’ll see a lot of “git gud” and “she’s in a good place” feedback from these detractors.

At the moment there’s very little will from those in the position to fix her — mainly DEVs, upper bracket players and FPS veterans who find the mere concept of having supports and tanks in the game an anathema.

It’s been a year long struggle already. Honestly it might take another year before Ana gets her quorum of sympathy.

That’s her state in the game at the moment — like it or not.

Just wondering where did they say they won’t look at her mobility or self healing? My favorite idea for a buff is letting her heal for 15% of healing done by her rifle, and letting grenades pass through fully healed teammates. It isn’t fair that she gets 2 weakness that none of the other supports deal with (besides zen’s low mobility).

Yes, but not nearly as badly as Mercy needs nerfs. Ana is in a pretty good spot and can be very powerful in the right hands.

Lmao so manytimes i want to hit a juicy nade only for a teammate to shove their c.o.cK. in my sights


I think some QoL changes + meta shift will fix everything.

Direct from source. Yeah I know it sorta straight jackets what you can do to help Ana.

Minor ones.
Mercy and Zen need nerfs before we consider buffing Ana further.
Ana is used more than Lucio and Moira at the top.

Ana is fine. mercy needs to get in line with the rest.
Buffing ana to make her as powerful as mercy will only create another OP healer. This means the other healers will get left behind and if they have to get buffed there will be a serious power creep on the heals in the game making burst damage even more necessary than already is.

That depends on your bracket. Look at Overbuff win rates.

Below plat she’s masochistic as hell. These guys can’t peel. All her shots require accuracy players in these brackets are likely not to have — including her evasion tool, the sleep dart. All her dive counters (Winston, D.VA, Tracer, Genji, Doomfist, Sombra and soon to be Hammond) have more or less high mobility, lower to hit requirements and far higher DPS than her. Without peel she’s terrible below plat.

At plat she’s a bit more manageable. At grand master her win rate is roughly 50% and subsequently she’s just a normal hero at these skill levels.

In short Ana as is is an elitist hero and painful to play until you hit plat. What she needs is a defense skill easy for low skill players to use that isn’t too hard for a coordinated team to deal with.

TL;DR: you are both correct and incorrect at the same time. She is both okay and terrible depending at which end of the player base pyramid you’re responding to — the top 500 or the bottom million.

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I hope her damage goes back up to 80 where it belongs because a DoT hit that does only 70 damage is garbage especially with how accurate you have to be. Anyone with a Zen Orb on them will take 4 shots to kill