Does AA and texture filtering add input lag?


Hello, can those effects add input lag? Even if not as much as vsync


Those options don’t have a large effect on input lag, no. Turning up any option will probably lower framerate to a large or small degree, which affects input lag, but there isn’t any kind of large delay added by them.

The settings that affect delay most are VSYNC (adds a lot of lag), TRIPLE BUFFERING (also a lot), and REDUCE BUFFERING (set this to ON to lower your lag).


In the amount of milliseconds, sometimes yes. I have a guide here with more details:


Thanks for replies, yea i know they lower fps and lower fps means more input lag, but i was wondering if frame rate is capped, 70fps with AA and texture filter vs 70fps without is the exact same input lag? Thanks


You probably won’t get any perceptible input lag from those options.