Do you think Blizzard will eventually support Linux?

The title says it all. I’m curious what some of your thoughts on this are. This is a serious question, so please try to stay on topic. Personally I would love for them to support it as I prefer that over windows.

Or macOS as well?

Have you tried running it through Lutris? My exp was pretty good. :slight_smile:

It would be nice, but considering the Linux home OS community is smaller than even MacOS, I seriously doubt it any time soon.

I haven’t. Though I read an article recently about some people getting banned due to an extension of WINE, so I was iffy to try it.

nah but you can keep getting banned from running ow in wine I’ve heard

If you can find him on here bootloxes runs on lutris. If I remember right though he adds proton to lutris and runs the game with it.

Edit: I recommend him cause he is more knowledgeable about it than me.

link to his youtube video on it :

Why is that a bannable offense?

Lead engineer Bill Warnecke has commented on the subject:


No, Blizzard will not support Linux for the same reasons they will not support MacOS. There is very little return of investment to support Linux as it is a relatively small market compared to the Windows market.