Do you keep comp points?

The purple bits you use to buy gold guns. Do we keep those in the transition? Or should I buy a gold gun now?

Ooo… good question.

Never mentioned I don’t think.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t transition. It’s still the same feature in OW2, and even regular loot box coins are transferring for the purchase of old material in OW2.

It has been and yes, you keep them

where? I must have missed it. I’ve read about normal credits from LBs, Tokens from OWL and the new Vcoin currency, but not comp points.

I don’t recall them mentioning how golden guns work either… or if they will even exist for new members of the roster

Idk but I have 3,000 stashed to buy Kiwi’s golden weapon


didnt they dislike adding them to begin with and wish they didnt?

OW2 would be time to ditch new ones if so.

That’s what I was thinking. Or maybe they make them legacy content so if you don’t have them you can’t get them.

Which is why it would be good if they directly stated what they were doing with them otherwise people will save the points to buy non-existent gold guns for future heroes, and then miss out on buying them for OW1 heroes if you can no longer buy gold guns…

Yes, Jeff said, years ago, that in retrospect they regretted tying golden guns to the competitive mode specifically. However, they decided that it was too late to change at that point.

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The answer is

I should do this lul

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That refers to merging though… not the transition to OW2.

And while it would make SENSE for that not to be super different… they are doing a bunch of things that don’t particularly make sense.