Do we have a date for experimental mode?

will it hit PTR first?
Will it be this Tuesday or early march?

Not an exact date, just the last week of February, which is next week.

That’s also just a planned/estimated schedule, so don’t treat it as a guarantee that it won’t be later.

They said end of February, so hopefully next Tuesday or Thursday.

As for the first content drop it’ll have?

My guess would be 1st or 2nd week of March.

Either way, we need some sort of new content. We’ve had nothing since Sigma joined the roster in August… :anguished:

With the aim/function of the experimental mode, I don’t get the feeling they’ll put it on PTR first. They’ve probably already done some internal testing with it, though.

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They said the dev update would come at the end of the month. And it literally came the last day of january lol. So I’m guessing we’ll get a new patch February 28. Or 29th? I think It’s a leap year

It is a leap year, yes. :slight_smile:

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As others have said, end of February. Here is Jeff’s post saying so: