Do people really hate the "Teamwork" genre?

I’ve heard rumors that Blizzard wants the game to be more ‘FPSey’ and no longer a team based game.

That’s why I like this game …teamwork…working together…

OWL is fun to watch because of the team plays.

Imagine if football or other team based sport became a free for all…it wouldn’t be as fun.

I don’t see why Blizzard seems to want to abandon the team aspect other than to simply cater to the “pew pew let me get killz” mentality.

But I hear that’s why they want 1-3-2, so it can be more like a FPS and less a team based game.

Sad really, if that’s the case.


The problem right now is there TOO MANY (Doomfist, McCree, Widow, Reaper, Orisa, Sigma, Mei, Baptiste, etc) heroes who can solo win games. So either every hero needs to have this potential or none should.

disagree, there are no heroes that can win alone.


If that’s true, why do we keep seeing the argument that “If you are good you can carry your team”?

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This is probably untrue, but say it was.

“Teamwork” is why my ‘ultimate ability’ is trash unless I pair it with someone else’s, and then THEY get PoG.

“Teamwork” is why tanks are fragile, give up damage and/or mobility and get nothing in return so they can have the privilege of being pocketed just to be able to do their job.

“Teamwork” is why ONE dirtbag can throw an entire game for five other people and why NONE of your victories are your own.

That’s the side of teamwork that’s prevalent in Overwatch.


because it’s the forums. If any of those heroes rushes out on their own with no teamwork or tactics they are just feeding the other team and throwing as there is no way for them to take out all 6 by themselves.

A good or even decent Reaper, Widow, McCree, Hanzo or Mei can solo win games across many ranks because theres very little ways to counter them without a mirror who’s better.

Being a team game isn’t the problem. Overwatch’s real big problem can be understood in two parts:

  1. First blood decides team fights a disproportionate amount of the time, which in turn lowers the complexity of the game.

  2. First blood can be achieved trivially, regardless of the skill involved. That is, it could be a relatively skillful Widow headshot, or relatively garbage Hanzo spam; it could be a coordinated dive, or it could be a well timed ultimate.

Blizzard can address one of these two issues. They can change the way DPS heroes are played and trigger riots, or they can change the way tanks and objectives work to satisfy their core audience. They’ll probably go for the latter.

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Because “forums logic.” Carry has no business in Overwatch, it’s just an egotistical phrase tossed out by people to dust off the blame.

If you do your job, make less mistakes then your opponent, and work with the teammates you are given(as opposed to against them or trying to carry), you WILL climb.

I’m guessing that this is a Chinese Whispers version of Kaplan’s post about 132. I’ll quote the bit that talks about teamwork here, with a bit of context around it:

In his post, Kaplan’s sharing his thought processes with us. All he’s doing is musing. He’s not coming down from the mountain with a stone tablet that has “thou shalt have an FPS-y experience in Overwatch” engraved upon it. Do not be afraid.

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Because they arent in a high rank? The higher you get the less you can carry

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No hero can win a game alone at the same competitive rank. You may think they are stomping you solo, but they need that pressure from their team to do so.

I think the problem with any teamwork game is that you cannot Make up for your teammates shortcomings often because other roles do not have the tools to do so.

The problem in OW is that, as a whole, it gives entirely too much freedom to DPS, and handicaps tanks and supports. It has created a long standing schism and problem with the community. OW struggles with balancing Utility/Impact/Damage, and player psychology. DPS mains feel that they should be able to kill everything and not be countered back. Tanks feel like Rein needs to be playable and counter every other Main tank and ability in the game, Supports do not want to rely on 5 other people when they get dove by a flanker. All of those issues stem from the fact that each individual player wants that impact that they can control when things aren’t going their way. By forcing Teammwork on the other classes and DPS less so, it’s made people resentful and toxic.

It’s why if you look at Paladins, it is also a Team shooter, but people feel impactful on all classes of heroes and thus it makes it easier to play as a team.


They are a vocal bunch of mentally lazy people who buy lots loot boxes.

That being said, I don’t think you can get rid of the team aspect, even in “FPS-y” games teams usually overwhelm a bunch better player acting without cohesion. I think their tack is to make it a bit less team dependent and at least give a sense of “carry” cause you know we all are just so good we “carry” games right?

The rumor is wrong. It’s that simple.

In a recent post Jeff talked about testing 132 internally. He said one of their determinations was that it felt more fpsy. In that same post he said they didn’t feel it was right for overwatch.

you can carry if you don’t have too many potatoes on your team. and it also depends on how stupid the enemy team is. if they focus you and shut you down, you can’t carry anymore that easily . now if your team is still somewhat OK and the enemy has to focus too hard on you, you’ll win. but if your team is retarded, you will just lose cause no one is doing anything while you get shut down.

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There should be a carry potential in this game.
And also be able to work with your team to be even more effective.
A lot of the issues that anger people in this game is because your own individual performance does not really dictate if your team wins or not , you have to depend on five other people that you have no control over to be able to win games.
This causes massive frustration and anger in a lot of players because it’s something you cannot control.
Having the game be more focused on individual carry potential is a good thing in my opinion.

Again this does not mean that working as a team won’t give you advantage as as well.
But as of right now one person cannot carry effectively if your other team members are slacking.

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