Do people literately want Brigette to become doomfist?


you see healing per game as zen
damage per game as zen
elims as zen
what you dont see is damage blocked, zen has zero. Ults cancelled, zen has zero. Kills confirmed because of her stun, zen has zero. Armor stacked from her ult, zen has zero. Space created, zen has zero.

now just think of a dps hero instead of zen. its almost the same thing. she does almost everything you need for an objective based game.

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yep. i don’t blame em tbh

Doomfist is a high skill floor/ceiling character that is viable and most of his problems right now are based around how buggy he still is not a need for buffs.

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I really hope they don’t follow pick rates. Based off of who they change they probably don’t. They want her to be map specific. Not just nerf her until her numbers are low enough.

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I expect they will just go off pick rates.

Once they are low enough she WILL be map specific or at least team comp specific, which means map specific in any real way.

Why does she have to be comp/map specific though

They are wanting ALL heroes to be comp/map specific.

Think about it. If they are not, then they work regardless of situation. In which case, they are must picks, which is bad.

Pre-Moira tracer always had supports which she could counter. So, she could always be made to work. Which is why her pick rate at GM was so high.

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They are definitely not just sledgehammer nerfing her. They want her to be good where Rein is good. So if you want something that specific why use a sledgehammer.

Except Rein is a dumpster fire atm lol


Exactly. They are not using a sladgehammer, and won’t. Which is good. They will nerf her slowly until her pick rate is reasonable.

Not really. Soldier is a solid pick in all maps yet he is not a must pick. Normally the issues that revolve around heroes are generalist heroes that are better than niche heroes in their niche.

yes, but S76 didn’t have heroes he was always going to counter on the other team… every game.

These days that is over.

And we dont have that now.

Well… Brigitte is a problem, Her pick rates are WAY too high. but, they are carefully bringing them down.

It is good they will come down, and it is good that they are being careful.

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Looks at solider 76 healing ability and sombra old playstyle. Than looks at zen, moita, and brigritta. Yeah dps can heal themselves and others gasp. Supports that were designed to fight gasp.

But she is not countering every hero every game as you stated earlier. That is just forum hyperbole much like the “ can 1v6 and win” and “Tracer is one clipping everyone and no one can stop her” statements.


I didn’t say she was…

I was talking about tracer vs supports pre Moira days.

I AM saying that Brigitte’s pick rate is way too high though.

Sombra can hack healthpacks to heal entire teams and soldier 76 can drop heal pods to heal entire teams.

Oh, and Brigitte is a Support/Tank HYBRID. She was only thrown in the support category because her base health is not high enough for the Tank category without her ult (and soon even with her ult she would not qualify).

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Soldier can Heal…

You literally said it right here.