Do people literately want Brigette to become doomfist?

I feel as though people complaining about Brigette is gonna land her EXACTLY like Doomfist. The only difference is that even if Brigette was Doomfist level bad I still think people would complain if she killed them because she’s a support.


Blizzard are taking their time with the nerfs, she isn’t going to get the doomfist treatment.

They will nerf her until her pick rates are reasonable, and no further.


why its so hard for people to understand that supports should not be killing machines? if sups can kill, dps should heal.


But DPS do heal, Soldier has a healing station, bastion can heal himself and the fat DPS Roadhog can drink half his HP back.


All of which are completely restricted to the dps himself (other than 76)

Meanwhile, Brigitte’s damage extends to everyone


Good thing we have S76 then :slight_smile:

Obviously you haven’t seen Zen in action before.


But Brigette has less damage output than a DPS character, less range and doesn’t even have a press Q to win ult which most DPS characters have to have to be good.


Sombra says hi.

20 chars.


Because unlike common perception, Blizzard isn’t stupid, and have already acknowledged through various buffs that the Doomfist treatment should never be repeated


On the other hand, Brigitte’s range is not really shorter than Reaper, and her ult doesn’t win her own fight–it almost wins the whole battle once 150 armor stacks up


Yep, pretty much so. I think they have gotten a LOT better.

I know many people disagree, but, the game is getting better balanced.


She is NOT a support, she is a support/tank hybrid why is that so hard for people comprehend?


heal your team with soldier? cmon lets be real…


I know, you were being Pithy, so I thought I would give it a go :slight_smile:

Brigitte is OP, she will get nerfs. They are already putting them out.

I don’t see Soldier as a healer, but, I do see Zen has a killing machine. It is why I mained him for so long.

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Doomfist isn’t “bad”… Doomfist is like an anti-tank Genji.

With probably an even higher skill ceiling, and much much more rehearsed practice of roll-out locations, ability combo’s, and cooldown management.

His pickrates are lower and he gets a bad rep because few players have taken the time to /really/ delve into the hero. Look at T500 from S9, there were more DF mains than ever before (id say ~7-10 or so) and when you’re playing against a solid DF you KNOW it, because he has way more impact on the game than other heroes could ever have.

I don’t understand why people keep comparing Brigitte to DF. Brigitte has a job, and she does it a little too well a little too easily right now.

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Actually, in a choke the healing station can rack up 500 healing per use.


If Tanks or Support do too much they simply end up taking a dps slot because why take a fragile DPS when you can take something beefy that does the same job.

They end up taking a DPS slot. It happened with Roadhog, now it’s happening with Brigette. Taking into account DPS are the most popular heroes having only 1/6 slots open to a few DPS probably isn’t a good idea

People might want that but I see Bizz is careful about the way they’re nerfing her.
That’s why the nerfs so far have been relatively small.

And I think this post shows their concern.

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As a DVA Main, she is vastly too powerful. Can stay near full health and block most everything I throw at her while she blows through my mech and character with ease. All while healing… She tanks far more than most and heals.

Her problem isn’t so much damage but that healthpool and shield needed to burn down.
YET THEY SAW FIT TO NERF DVA’s SHIELD ookay (I know that it happened a while ago but still)

yes. As a matter of fact, not even doomfist. A hero that requires 2 minutes to master belongs to F tier. Not C tier.