Do people actually want Bastion viable?


Geek here!

And I always research to make sure I am using the proper definition to a word. I’d hate to be wrong

All in all, Bastion needs good stuff for him. I want him to be good. I’m glad you didn’t shut down my -50% dps taken for Bastion. It would be really nice…


If it’s connected to a healing bar like he currently has… I don’t actually see that being “OP” I mean… How many threads to you see complaining that Roady is impossible to kill?

If he burns the whole healing bar, it’d be the same as misusing “Take a breather”
Just Bait it all out, and attempt to burst through it.

(And perhaps if we raised the rate at which Bastion’s healing regens, it would benefit him greatly, making him less dependent on direct healing from a teammate… And protection of barriers.)


I would wait and see how Bastion fares after the upcoming changes where his minimum damage at max range is increased to from 30% to 50% in both recon and sentry, as well as a nerf to Hanzo’s storm arrows.

So far, Bastion has been benefitting a lot in the changes made to other heroes, especially the pulse bomb nerf that allows him to be less vulnerable to Tracer.


Could you kindly remind me of the nerf Spamzo’s getting?

I’ve been under a rock for a while… :sweat_smile:


:spider_web: I want him viable BY HIMSELF, but then I want him to not be ULTRA MEGA SUPER OP viable if you slap him behind one of the many shields in the game.

This is where the problem with Bastion lies and it’s pretty hard to do one and not both.




I mean… He’ll still have it when i’m around the corner. :confused:


We had ironclad for like what ? a week and you think that was enough for this whiny crybaby community to understand if it was balanced or not?

If they gave Mei 1 more hitpoint she would be played more for a short while.


Ambush tactics don’t work all the time, and with Hanzo’s sonic arrow, it’d be less effective against him.


So… the hanzo can see me before he kills me? :thinking:


Good dps players in general are very careful in inspecting their surroundings before moving forward. The only time they’re not is when they are desperate (i.e. objective timer running out), which is when ambush tactics are more effective.

If you don’t trust me on my Bastion talk, feel free to check my profile.


Your profile is lock-ed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also, Spamzo’s usually will chase me to my spawn, Just to try and get the kill.


Yeah, frick. Didn’t know that profiles are private by default now.


Yup. Private by default. :sweat_smile:

I Set mine to be public.


And spamzo chasing you to spawn is typical dps behavior. The fact that you can still survive running away from Hanzo rather then being insta-gibbed on the spot says a lot about Bastion’s survivability if you don’t try to stay in one spot while people are shooting at you.


Oh, i never said i survived. X3

But it always happens… Lol…

And yet, even when i Know They’ll be running around a corner directly at me, and i set up into SENTRY MODE…

I Die and they don’t… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


just give it pre damage mitigation spread and bring back headshots, there, bastion becomes much more viable and also fun.


The one time I hated the overwatch meta was during the bastion ironclad buff. I played on console back then and had that bastion for a month. Games were nightmares to play. It would be even worse now with Brig around to protect bastion from the flankers suited to kill him. You also have the solo mercy res that can bring him right back. The last thing Overwatch will ever need is for “Protect the Bastion” to be a norm strategy.


Well, That may never happen again.

We would love for Bastion to be more Independent if anything.


Yeah, for 4 reasons.

  • A. Mobility is king. Bastion has none, and it makes him an easy target THUS Hanzo destroys him when he should easily counter the 2 barriers + Zarya. His damage is suppose to make up for his no mobility, but it’s soooo damn inconsistent that he dies before his damage means anything, THUS he’s babysat in the pirate ship meta.
  • B. Sym, Hanzo, and Junk all have more mobility than him, and are creeping up in terms of power so they do his job better than he can.
  • C. He never needed a change to sentry. THATS what broke him into OP territory and THEN nerfed him down into the gutter.
  • D. Dive rose to power because Bastion and Hog were gutted. Literally the floodgates were opened when both were nerfed, allowing Dive to reign for 9 months, then end up with a stupid hero designed to counter dive as well as non-mobility heros.

I want Bastion playable, because as it stands a charging Rein wins against a Bastion who isn’t being pocketed. A Hog will win against a Bastion that isn’t being pocketed. A Hanzo will win against a Bastion despite him being pocketed.

Bastion needs to be more independant.

OLD Bastion could be pocketed, yes, but his IC didn’t exist making him extremely fragile, but in return he could kill anything that crossed his sights. THAT promoted skilled Bastion play because good Bastions needed to know the correct positions, and how to position correctly because they would die if they didn’t. In return, he had reliable Sentry damage to kill things with. When you have the highest DPS in the game, what good does Mercy’s damage boost do? Nothing. But it worked in Pirate Ship because Bastion is so god awful by himself, that you need 1 comp, for him to even have a change at being viable. \

It makes me sick, because we’ve also gone 16 months with


response from any dev.

NOW, as for his current buff, where his falloff is reduced… His falloff isn’t the problem, it’s that his spread doesn’t kill anything reliable after 25 meters. I’m hopeful that it will help him, but it’s unlikely since it’s only a problem for other heros (McCree, Soldier, Mei) and will not Benefit Bastion, at all. Recon, maybe, but recon is NOT the focus of his kit.