“Do not watch OWL”


It does. Players want to play games with content. More high quality content = better game. Better game - more player will play it. More players = more money.


I rest my case.

Also, don’t doubt me being more civil than you cause I’m not saying it is stupid for people to defend the OWL.

Take a good look at YOURself then you’d know why it’s completely necessary for me to ask you to leave.


If you support the league its more likely blizz will support the league in the future. Not the main game.


“I am angry at you so I’m going to lock myself in my room until you do what I want”

First thought that came to mind when I saw the post you were referring to OP

like come on people…seriously…


So far the showing from them hasn’t been terribly inspiring this year :stuck_out_tongue:


Make your own page then filter the people you want or not.

If you dont want contrarian opinions in a public forum then just leave and stop replying to me


20 20 20 character limit


20 characters limits


you bought this game 3 years ago? you’re still playing it, did you not get your money’s worth? “bought the game, DESERVE content”. come on now.


This is 100% valid, and thanks for being a normal human and understanding people like different stuff, and being able to enjoy other peoples happiness. I hope in the future owl is a bit more stable and doesnt take so much dev time away from actual in game content, so we can all be happy.


Other thread’s OP: “Hey people, don’t watch the OWL.”

OP: “Hey people, ignore that thread and watch OWL anyways, even if you dislike it, but just watch it for a different reason.”

Normal people: “Dafuq?”


Gotta send a message somehow OP.

Might disagree with what they wanna do by getting people not to watch but I mean, it’s not a bad idea.


isn’t this kinda like a callout post with a rebuttal? why not just comment on their post rather than make a whole new one with quotes around their original title and convincing others not to read theirs.
doesn’t this whole post break some kind of rule?


Here is how to block the OWL on the battle net app:


here’s why they should consider noobs as a factor!


Yeah cause I’m not putting up with others who turn down others by saying them supporting something is stupid.

So there’s the door :door: lol

Because you are less likely to read a reply than you are to read a whole new post.

Yes, 99% of the time, I would simply just reply to an OP but this was that 1% where it’s more important to get the message out there in a form that people are more likely to see because the topic is that much important.


Dead game is dead. Let OWL fade into irrelevance along with this sorry game.

They deserve it for dropping the ball that badly with this game.

Just look at their stock price, the cash cow that Overwatch used to be is already drying up.


Because still stupid

OWL did nothing positive to the game besides

-Pay skins
-Twitch pass
-Emotes locked behind pays
-Dive /Goats
-Metas in general .
-Devs giving all the attention to OWL even when they are 1 patch behind us.


Yet we continued to receive new content at the same pace we did before OWL’s inception… weird.

Anyways, I like how you went from demonstrating how I was supposedly rude to now trying to back up your ignorant case in saying it’s stupid that people support the league.


I wouldn’t want to force OWL upon anybody, but I would reccomend that anyone that is at least decently interested in Overwatch check it out.

I don’t want to cite OWL for the reason that Overwatch is taking a downturn. The devs and the OWL team are 2 distinct teams.