Do NOT rename McCree

I can´t even translate that last word. But I am not implying anything…it´s more like “this is why they are doing it”.

Exactly…it´s a name. What´s the big deal than? lore connection to the name is for sure less important than connection to the bad guy.

Utterly stupid or silly. That’s the translation

I’m fighting it because of the mindset.

The value behind the name (association with the character) is stronger than the reasoning for removing it.

McCree and the employee have nothing in common but that name, and I don’t think the connection is important enough to warrant a full removal of said name. I think it’s overkill.


Crude out of context? Its more crude in context. They (known sexual harasser) were talking about bringing girls in and mccree is the one bringing up having sex with them.

Also he took a picture with his colleagues (known sexual misconduct) with a picture of COSBY who was convicted of sexual assault.

It’s already done. Relax. It’s inconsequential to us non-victims… Or rather, it should be inconsequential. If for some reason it’s not, ya need to log off the Internet for a bit. Maybe go outside and touch some grass.

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Can you let go of an employee for doing “absolutely nothing wrong” though?

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Yeah, that´s you. And it´s alright. You maybe don´t have any reason to think it´s a needed change. But clearly there are people who think otherwise for various reasons.

Not trying to imply something, but guy, who harrased me in past was also a “nice guy”, very helpful and loved by people. It was even more disgusting because of this fact…than people don´t belive you, cause he was a “nice guy”…


And so now I’m fighting it.

…Hence the post.

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Bye! drops hanky

This is akin to removing the statues of traitors that were put up in town squares all over our country. We shouldn’t be venerating turds, and this particular one doesn’t deserve to have a HERO named after him.

It will be weird seeing a new name for a while but I’ll survive because this affects almost nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

They real crime is that the IRL Jesse McCree looks like an absolute tool. Seriously go image search him and imagine naming a character after that guy lmfao

I guess it makes sense though when you consider Kotick

no, 5 messages out of potentially 1000s isn’t ‘in context’, you’ve put it in context of allegations towards 1 individual and the framing of the civil lawsuit.
people can joke about whatever they want in private… a single crude comment made to amuse people is essentially the opposite of doing that thing.

Greg Street (Ghostcrawler) said the messages were facetious and made in reference to one of their wives and her friend. I’m gonna be reasonable and say not everyone taking part in that group chat was under the assumption Dave Kosack’s wife’s friend was being bought to the hotel suite to be molested.

Bill Cosby was not convicted of anything at this point (the suite was named before the picture was taken)… barely anyone knew about Cosby in 2013 and he even had a special air on comedy central. to assume that everyone that worked in and around Afrasiabi knew about this is disingenuous, and even if the suite was so named with sinister intentions that doesn’t mean everyone understood them… to claim otherwise is a lie.

in short, you have absolutely no proof and what evidence you do have is purely circumstantial… wrong place, wrong people… that’s his crime as far as anyone knows.

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What I do know, for a fact, is you and the side you’re arguing against are putting a lot of emotion and energy into a silly a game sprite when 99% of the players just want to see the same energy and emotion dedicated to the release of ow2. Like fr, when is ow2 coming out?

Damn, that’s actually a good point.

Maybe they should be putting that effort INTO Overwatch 2 instead of removing what equates to…

By your own argument you should be against this change. :man_shrugging:

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I didn’t say Blizzard didn’t have a reason for wanting to get rid of him, even if he’s not the despicable person others have assumed him to be at this point Blizzard have lots of reasons… people unfairly assuming he’s a despicable person being one of them.

“so… it turns out you haven’t been closing enough JIRA tasks and we’re going to have to let you go, sorry Jesse.”

Just here to say I don’t support the name change. :slight_smile:


who’s they? you only know 1 thing ex-Blizzard employee Jesse McCree has ever said and it wasn’t about rape. like hey if you wanna believe things you’ve made up in your head that’s fine, but you don’t have to go around claiming it to be truth.

I’m not assuming he’s anything. I don’t know anything about him and neither do you.

Its a dumb reason overall & overall its embarrassing for Blizzard, bending the knee to twitter (again) over something like this.

If they’re removing the name because of real life tragedy then Blizzard should change their name because “people have died in Blizzard’s & that’s upsetting to me” (if Blizzard don’t change their name just complain on twitter pretending to be a crazy woke SJW & they’ll likely change it :rofl:)

If this happens you now have to change every other thing that might be offensive because you bent the knee to people that can’t tell the differents between a fictional character and a man changed with serious crimes.

I know you won’t read this Blizzard (likely if anything a SJW lackey will) but in case you do you don’t have to bend the knee to these crazies on twitter, listen sure but don’t run your business based on what people on twitter that don’t even play your games want & listen to the people that do play your games instead.

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Unironic hypocrite lmao

LOL imagine leaving a game because it no longer enshrines an ABUSER!!

Takes photo in cosby suite that was named that because of cosby being an offender.
Nah its clearly named that cuz they like Cosby, your first assumption already
Talks about having sex with the girls brought to the suite.
Nah its clearly a joke because clearly Afrasiabi was joking haha, your second assumption
Pervasive workplace sexual harassment where higher ups grope and molest women.
Nah mccree wasnt fired for that he probably was fired like Afrasiabi for something else! Totally not an assumption.

Too late mate, Flashroll McFan will be here Soon™