Do not buff Sombra!

A Sombra in the game makes any tank unplayable, and while it actually has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the actual buff, simply buffing her means more people will playing her, which in turn means a lot of people will enjoy playing tank much less then now and then finally stop playing tank at all and therefore increase tank queues even more.

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So does Hanzo, McCree, Ashe, Pharah, Echo, Mei, Reaper

Also its false

Monkey, Orisa and Zarya work well against her

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Monkey is dead, Zarya is dead when she uses emp, Orisa is the only one that kinda works, but only if the Sombra player is dumb and hacks her in the wrong time.


Same with other ults ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Most time orisa don’t suffer from hack cus it doesn’t remove her shield / cancel her abilities + she can spy check

What´s unclear about that?

No, no other ult immediately takes away 50% of your health, and unlike Sombra every other ult has a windup animation warning you and allowing you to counter it, and Zarya is especially good at countering ults with her bubbles, bot not with EMP because well you can not use your bubble.

Only if the Sombra player is dumb, yeah if she only hacks her after she has used shield it would not disturb her much. But if the Sombra player is smart and just hacks her before she wants to use her next shield she is just as impacted as any other tank.

And the viability of a hero should not depend on the stupidity of the enemy

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