Do NOT buff Moira please


This buff is practically nothing.

To put it this way. Imagine Moira’s LMB has a clip of 90. She uses 10 ammo a second, and when she uses her RMB, she regenerates 10 ammo for every second her beam is connected to an enemy,

Moira also, passively regenerates 2 ammo per second, and this passive regeneration is getting buffed. 20% buff puts her at 2.4 ammo per second.

So in other words, if Moira was to regenerate her entire LMB’s “clip” without using RMB, currently it would take 45 seconds. With the buff on live, it would take 37.5 seconds.

If you use your RMB, it takes 9 seconds.

It’s technically a buff, but practically it doesn’t increase her power at all. It takes 25 seconds for her to generate 1 second extra of LMB compared to live.


She is a lot more punishing on live and reducing her risk more is just overdoing it. The change isnt needed at all.


It’s a .4 increase in the recharge rate.
I doubt it will totally break the character


Heres the thing though. In lower ranks you dont need much healing because mechanics are poor. Higher up the resource runs out like crazy at times and balancing it can be very rewarding.


Well I tested and it doesnt feel great. It feels like im never running out. Ever.


Because it’s so godd*mn fun to fade-chase low-health squishies down and finish them off. <3


Are you sure she didn’t always feel like that?
Also if you could provide video evidence that would be great. Your Overwatch and Co. Haven’t really done any in depth videos yet


Yes I am very sure she didnt. Because I have plenty of hours on her. That said, no I dont have any way to record footage. This is completely unecessary. They should just allow her to heal through barriers again.


“This is is what you get for overextending and trying to hurt me.”

Also, good Genji’s and Tracer’s still kill me just fine, lol. The only ones I kill are the bad ones.


I suppose. Guess I’ll die wait for more info so i can make my judgement


Moira didn’t need a buff to help her fight during long range sequences. They’re not buffing Ana to deal with shields, her area of weakness.


Her healing stats on live are the highest out of all the main healers. Imagine how that would end up looking with the PTR change. Its just so not needed.


This doesnt help her at long ranges at all. It just makes it so that the player gets more lazy and be rewarded for it. Her live recharge rate is fine.



I get the joke but its not needed. I dont want moira to end up being considered overpowered.


This is a massive exaggeration. I’ve got PTR and live running at the same time- the difference is miniscule.


Well then if its not noticable why change it in the first place? /s

Personaly I think its a big deal and I explained why in the main post.


Seems like you’re experiencing a placebo effect with this.


Honestly, it’s a really good question of why they chose this buff. Because unless Blizzard broke it and made it 20% total resource regeneration increases instead of just the passive regeneration like stated in the patch notes.

Then this should be practically unnoticeable.


Hopefully since I bolded it, you’ll be able to clearly read where the developer says they buffed her to help her fight during long range sequences. Sorry you didn’t understand my post, hope this spells it out for you.