Do blizzard hate norway? where is our flag?

Its been 4 years, 4 summer games, every other contry in scandinavia has the flag in the game as a icon, but the norwegian flag is left out. Will they ever put it in the game, or do they think norway is a city in sweden and not part of scandinavia? Feels a little sad that EVERY other contry in scandinavia got their flag, but norway is left out completly. i have seen other makes complains about it a few years ago, but seems like they wasnt able to make enough noise.

I didnt really know where or what forum i should choose to write about this. All i ask for is the norwegian flag being added into the game as an icon. I will 100% use it if it where added.

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Not this one. You could try #general-discussion, I guess.

Americans are really bad when it comes to geography I won’t be surprised if they don’t know where is Norway

It’s ok my country isn’t there too neither is The German Empire flag (Cry in Unsern Guten Kaiser Wilhelm)

OW has all of the Scandinavian countries fully represented! I mean, just look at it:

  1. Sweden

  2. sweden?

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Wrong place to put this.

In any case they have addressed this before. It mostly comes down to legal issues with using the flag symbols in the game.

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all scandinavian flag is the exact same one but just difrent colors. so i dont think a “symbol” is the problem. BUT i do remember reading a news few weeks ago about norwegians puttin up the norwegian flag on a house in USA, but was forced to take it down by the american people becouse they thought it was a flag for confederate… when it dosent loke anything like it, our flag has red/blue/white colors whit NO stars in it.

Blame your country, not Blizzard. For some reason, people in Norway’s government who are responsible for such things, didn’t give a green light. Bruh, Poland’s flag even was in official press pack at the day when Summer Games 2017 started. But after all, it wasn’t added into the game. Cuz of legal things.